Kushner, Inc. Book Review Part II: The Fall of The Kushner Crime Family

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2019

As we covered in Part I of our review of Kushner Inc. by Vicky Ward, the rise of the Kushner Crime Family was meteoric after they’d arrived from Eastern Europe following WWII.

Jared Kushner’s father Charlie grew the Kushner Company’s New Jersey real estate empire at a phenomenal rate after he took over from his father by using fraud and corruption.

Unfortunately, Charlie’s brother Murray, relegated to a powerless position in the family, got angry and sued him for ripping him off and then insulting him.

At the same time, Charlie had gotten his first bought and paid for governor elected.

This internecine war would have remained private were it not for unforeseen extraneous events that all happened around the same time. The first of these was Jim McGreevey’s election to the governorship of New Jersey in November 2001. McGreevey, the former mayor of Woodbridge Township, was rumored to be corruptible and in Charlie’s pocket, since Charlie had been his top campaign donor, contributing $1.5 million. The two men had traveled together in 2000 to Israel, where McGreevey met a young Israeli political aide named Golan Cipel. A short time later, Cipel and McGreevey became clandestine lovers. Charlie sponsored Cipel’s visa to the U.S. and housed him in an apartment on New York City’s Upper West Side. (The couple often visited the Jersey Shore and sometimes stayed at Charlie’s beach house.) As soon as McGreevey was elected governor, he appointed Cipel as his homeland security adviser, and it wasn’t long before chatter about their relationship began.”

Yes, “Golan Cipel” is a male Jew.

McGreevey was a closeted Irish Catholic homosexual (who is now an openly gay episcopal priest).

Real cute couple, courtesy of the Kushner Company Israeli Love Tour matchmaking program.

The book doesn’t note this part, but Kushner actually sponsored Cipal’s visa, and he was investigated by the media (and presumably the federal government) as a possible spy after McGreevey publicly announced that he had brought in a member of the Israeli Defense Forces to be his security advisor.

This was in 2002, months after 911, in New Jersey. 

That story is deserving of its own book.

Charlie expected payback for his campaign donation, and McGreevey did not disappoint. In 2002, he offered Charlie the chairmanship of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, which would have put Charlie in charge of the board that oversees all the bridges and tunnels between the two states, as well as several seaports and airports. It would have given him control of billions of dollars of real estate.

Charlie Kushner never got to properly accept the Port Authority job. In February 2003, the U.S. attorney’s office in Newark opened an investigation into claims Charlie had illegally used company money to make political donations.

That would be the entrance of Mr. Christie.

With the feds moving in, and an ongoing feud with his brother, Charlie decided that it was important to get his sister, Esther, on his side.

Thus the infamous thing was done.

He decided to coerce Esther into dropping her support of Murray and instead side with him. His plan was brutal, bizarre, and criminal. He offered a cop, Jimmy O’Toole, who was dating Plotkin and was about to retire, twenty-five thousand dollars to set up [Esther’s husband] Billy with a prostitute and film the encounter.

O’Toole was said to be reluctant at first, but eventually, in early December 2003, he reportedly had his brother, a private investigator named Tommy, set up a video camera in a digital alarm clock in a room at the Red Bull Inn, a motel on New Jersey’s Route 22. A short time later, a blond prostitute introduced herself to Billy while he was lunching in a diner in Bridgewater. She said she had car trouble and was hoping he would help her. Billy gave her a lift to the motel and took her number. The following day, he returned to the Red Bull Inn and was filmed getting a blowjob from her.

Charlie and Stadtmauer laughed while they watched the clandestine video of that sex act in a conference room at the Florham Park offices, and Charlie asked for copies.

A few days later, O’Toole reportedly went to Charlie’s home in Livingston, where, in front of Seryl, Charlie told him to set up [Bob] Yontef the same way.

Bob Yontef was an accounting manager at the firm who was helping Murray sue Charlie.

I actually didn’t even know he tried to do the trick to someone else.

The book says that Charlie was allegedly talking about using a hitman and that it was his very religious wife’s idea to do the hooker thing. One thing that you realize when you’re looking at the Jews is that the more religious they are, the more prone to anti-social behavior they are. It’s the opposite of what some boomer Christian Zionist would tell you about Jews. Not that atheist Jews aren’t a problem, of course, but religious Jews have this constant religious imperative to do everything they can to Jew over everyone. The Kushners are uniquely observant for New York money Jews and also uniquely bad.

I also had not heard this part.

Meanwhile, the feds kept asking questions and started hearing wild stories about Charlie’s private life, which Yontef’s lawyer, Theodore Moskowitz, was told about. Investigators—and a number of Charlie’s social circle—started to hear that Charlie liked to go to New York City at night under an alias, John Hess. He was rumored to sleep with men and hire prostitutes.

This is not surprising. All Jews seem to have some form of homosexual pathology.

It is very obvious in Jared Kushner, who I would simply assume is himself involved in various homosexual activities.

This also explains the seemingly strange nature of Jim McGreevey, a hetrosexually married Irish boy (in their divorce, his wife claimed she hadn’t known he was a homosexual when they married), somehow ending up with a gay lover in Israel. This was clearly a gay sex bonding and blackmail tour (a shame that Ward didn’t at least hint at this obvious conclusion – I guess she was shy).

Overlaying the gay mafia with the Jewish mafia makes Kushner twice as powerful.

In May 2004, right before her son Jacob’s engagement party, Esther opened a large envelope that had been stuffed into her mailbox and found the video of Billy’s rendezvous. She went to the FBI and warned Murray not to go home because she was afraid Charlie was so unhinged that he would kill him.

Two months later, on July 13, Charlie was arrested on charges of conspiring to coerce an individual to travel across state lines for prostitution, retaliating against a witness, and impeding justice.

Why would you bring the hooker across state lines?

I guess at the point that you’re doing brutal witness retaliation, it doesn’t really even matter where the hooker is from. You’re too deep in to be minding such details.

But the plot itself was just insane and/or retarded. Instead of being turned, Esther just called the FBI and told them what Charlie did.

The reaction of most Kushner family members was that Charlie had done this to himself. But Jared blamed everyone except his father, and his misplaced anger only grew stronger throughout the years. “His siblings stole every piece of paper from his office, and they took it to the government…,” he would say in an interview with New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman. “Siblings that he literally made wealthy for doing nothing. He gave them interests in the business for nothing. All he did was put the [blackmail] tape together and send it. Was it the right thing to do? At the end of the day, it was a function of saying ‘You’re trying to make my life miserable? Well, I’m doing the same.’”

Wow, hard Jared, huh?

I had never seen that quote either. Here’s the original source.

As Christie was putting the full weight of his body on Charlie, the entire Kushner family was afraid Charlie was going to start murdering them.

Although it is generally assumed that Charlie made the decision not to go to trial based on the fact that no one was going to be sympathetic to someone who set his own brother-in-law up with a hooker and mailed the tape to his sister, Ward notes that there is another possible explanation: rumor is that Christie’s office sent a fax to Charlie with details of his gay sex agenda under the codename of John Hess. Obviously, Kushner couldn’t have that blowing up when he’d molded his entire family patriarch role around the idea that he’s a strong family man.

Strong family man does not jive with homosexual street prowler.

Kushner was eventually forced to give up Governor McGreevey as part of his criminal empire. This was probably what Christie was angling for the entire time, as taking down the governor was a lot bigger deal than taking down some slimy Jew slumlord.

In front of the group, he called New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey. “Jim, I’ve got to give you up,” he said, according to someone who was present. “You’re going to be outed any day now. Chris Christie wants you. He’s using me to get to you, and he knows everything.”

It also came out that part of Charlie’s conspiracy with McGreevey was to get the government to subsidize him buying the New York Nets. This Jew really was just trying to eat the entire world in one bite.

Furthermore, allegedly on the orders of Charlie due to the Nets deal falling through, Golan Cipel was suing McGreevey for sexual harassment, alleging that he was not the homosexual and that McGreevey was the real homosexual. He didn’t bother to explain why he traveled from Israel to take a job with someone he’d met during his vacation if that person was sexually harassing him. But he didn’t have to explain that. It was just about the drama of being outted as a homosexual.

The level of criminality involved here is absolutely astonishing.

And just imagine that after all of this, Charles Kushner was able to succeed in making his son – and thus himself – the most powerful Jew in America.

None of the information in this book was covered by the media during Trump’s campaign or the first two years of his presidency, for what I assume are obvious reasons. It is all just so Jewish it’s hard to wrap your head around. I’m shocked that they let this book be published now. But clearly, it was all planned before Trump totally rolled over, and I guess Ward pitched this book and some Jews decided it was okay to drop this bomb.

Governor McGreevey was able to resign under the pretense of being a persecuted homosexual and Charlie pled guilty to retaliating against a cooperating witness and various other charges. He was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison.

Interestingly, he was not send to the “very Jewy” prison that Michael Cohen landed in, which implies that he was generally hated by other Jews.

Being something of an outcast from mainstream Jewish society explains why Charles Kushner decided to go all in with the Trump thing, which was so despised by the overwhelming majority of American Jews.

Charlie started a tefillin program inside prison for all the Orthodox Jewish men. (According to tradition, this meant that once a day, except on Saturdays, they’d pull out the black boxes containing scrolls of parchment with verses from the Torah.) Charlie went through a substance-abuse program so he could leave prison early and complete his sentence at a halfway house in Newark. According to a source, during his stay there, Charlie was permitted to work from a nearby office, where Cory Booker, who became Newark mayor around that time and is now a U.S. senator, would meet with him on the stairway. (Charlie had steered fifty thousand dollars to Booker’s first, failed run for Newark mayor in 2002. Booker’s opponent, four-term mayor Sharpe James, said Booker was “collaborating with Jews to take over Newark.”)

Booker the shabbos negro.

He is also rumored to be a homosexual (and just very obviously is one), so there could have been another thing going on there as well.

Regarding Charlie doing a substance-abuse program – there is no mention of him actually having a substance-abuse problem. So it appears that he faked a substance abuse problem so that he could go through the program and then get released into a halfway house early.

Again: levels of Judaism that shouldn’t even be possible.

It soon became widely repeated that Charlie wanted to implement a grand rehabilitation plan suggested to him by the guru of New York real estate public relations, Howard Rubenstein. It was audacious, but brilliant. First, buy a trophy asset in Manhattan and shift his center of operations from New Jersey to New York City. Second, buy a newspaper or publication, ostensibly owned by Jared. Third, have Jared date someone prominent.

So, with Rubenstein’s help, Jared went shopping for a media property. The main aim was to have a voice, a way to flex power. The pair settled on The New York Observer, which had downsized its print edition and was losing roughly two million dollars every year. “They bought the Observer because [Charlie] didn’t like the articles about him in the Newark Star-Ledger,” said Hammer. The Kushners thought it wouldn’t hurt to have their own outlet.

When Charlie got out of prison, he started hiring people he was in prison with and their relatives. He also hired the new gay lover of the former governor. Again, you have these overlapping mafias in a criminal underworld situation.

Much of the characterization of Jared is as a worshiper of his father.

A story, perhaps apocryphal, that made the rounds in the New York real estate world was that during one meeting in New York, Jared walked in and, upon learning that Charlie had hurt his foot, took off his father’s sock and kissed it.

It is not difficult at all to see how it is that Charlie Kushner is the real brains behind the Trump White House.

Probably, all of everything that is happening is coming straight from him, getting funneled through Jared, then Ivanka, straight to the president’s desk.

I literally think that is exactly what is happening.

In Part III of this review, we will look at the book’s analysis of the entrance of Ivanka Trump into the Kushner Crime Family.