Kushner Real Estate Scam National News! Anti-Semitism?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2018

Generally, the national media does not report widely on standard kikes running standard kike money scams.

The difference here is that this kike is related by marriage to their arch-nemesis.


Kushner Companies has been hit with $210,000 in fines by New York City regulators for filing false real estate paperwork over several years.

President Trump’s son-in-law — and current adviser — Jared Kushner was still at the helm of the real estate company as CEO when the New York City Department of Buildings says the company routinely falsified construction applications at 17 sites.

The city’s Building Department found the company frequently under-reported, and in some cases didn’t report any rent-regulated tenants living in its buildings, despite renting to hundreds of them.

Developers are required to report the number of rent-controlled tenants they inherit when they buy properties and renovate them. The requirement is a safeguard to protect tenants from steep rental increases or from being driven out to make way for higher-paying tenants.

On Monday, the city fined the Kushner family business for 42 violations at 12 addresses between January 2013 and September 2016.

“Protecting tenants is a key part of our mission to make construction safe for all New Yorkers, and we are determined to hold landlords accountable for the accuracy of their applications – no matter who they are,” the department said in a statement emailed to NPR.

Even while reporting on this particular scam, the Jews have not gone all-out against their boy Kushner.

Obviously, the plan is ultimately to get him to flip like the other Jews flipped.

And I assume he will, eventually.

Jared is a weird autistic-type Jew. A bit like Mark Zuckerberg.

He personally thought he would get power from this arrangement he’s in. And he’s also an Israeli agent – Bibi literally stays at his house when he visits New York.

But we’re way past that now. For a minute there, after the first Syria strike, and Trump making some untrumply statements, the media was claiming he was being influenced by Kushner to be a “normal Republican President.”

That is no longer in the cards.

It’s a war and Trump (AKA America) is either going to win or lose.

Kushner is going to play some role in trying to make him lose.

Trump has to know that by now. He has to.