LA: Female Shooter Opens Fire on Homeless People!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2019

This immediately made me think of a woman from LA I saw freaking out about the homeless crisis on Tucker Carlson’s show on Monday. I can’t remember her name – and I doubt this shooting was done by her specifically – but I assume the whole homelessness thing is really bothering a lot of upper-middle class, middle-aged white women in the area.


An armed woman opened fire in the Skid Row section of downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, wounding four people and triggering a hunt for the suspect, police said.

The shooting occurred shortly after noon, but Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman officer Rosario Cervantes said circumstances surrounding the gun violence were not immediately known.

She said two of the four victims were female, and that none of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening.

Skid Row, an area occupying roughly 50 square blocks in downtown Los Angeles, has one of the highest concentrations of homeless people in the United States. It was not immediately known whether anyone involved in the shooting was homeless, Cervantes said.

Aerial video from a local television station KTLA-TV showed police patrol cars stopped next to a tent outside San Julian Park in downtown Los Angeles.

It could have been another homeless person that opened fire, but I seriously doubt that the victims were not homeless, given the location.

The entire area is a homeless camp.

It’s funniest to think of this shooting being done by a white housewife who just can’t take it anymore.

It’s also funny to think of “mass shooting” as the go-to solution to any political problem you can’t solve:

  • Getting bullied at school?
  • Want to serve Allah?
  • Hate homos?
  • Hate Jews?
  • No gf?
  • Co-workers being really rude?
  • Too many immigrants?
  • Too many homeless?

There is now an easy solution to all of these problems!

What kind of country is this, where mass shootings are a panacea to all political woes?

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