LARDPOCALYPSE NOW: College’s Signs Telling Fatties to Take the Stairs Described as PURE HATRED

Daily Stormer
April 2, 2019

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Students at Dickinson College are taking issue with signs around campus that encourage students to take the stairs instead of elevators to improve their health. The students reportedly consider the signs “fat shaming,” as they promote the “dangerous narrative” that weight loss as “a positive thing.”

Telling unhealthy people to become healthy is a “dangerous narrative” these days…

Next time you hear about someone shooting up a college, remember that the guy with the gun is probably saner than the people he’s shooting.

According to a report from the Dickinson College student newspaper, students were offended this month by a series of signs around campus that encourage students to avoid elevators.“Why not take the stairs if you are physically able?” the signs read. “Exercise and strengthen your heart and muscles.”

In a sane society, elevators would be strictly for old people, cripples and pregnant women, and anyone else who tried to use one would get the whip.

One student said that the signs made her feel guilty. She said that taking the stairs often caused her to feel dizzy. “I began to feel guilty every time that I took the elevator,” the student said. “I started realizing that I shouldn’t put my body through pain or stress when there is an elevator I could use,” she said.

I have bad news for you bitch – if taking the stairs causes you pain and stress at your age – she’s a student, so I assume she’s in her 20s – then you’re probably gonna die young and in pain.

And that’s good news for the rest of us. Except for whoever bought your student loan debt.

Another student said that the signs were “fat shaming.” “These signs were effectively fat shaming as they promoted weight loss as a positive thing,” the student said. “It had a negative impact on campus to have a series of signs that glorified a dangerous narrative that feeds into eating disorders.”

Shaming people for doing something wrong and disgusting is always a good thing, because it helps people not do those wrong and disgusting things.

Most people are dumb cattle, and they generally succumb to societal pressure very easily.

Marni Jones, the dean and director of access and disability services at Dickinson College, said that the sign could be offensive to students who are forced to use elevators.

“Even with the qualifier “if you are physically able,” seeing a sign like this can feel shaming to those who have no choice but to use the elevator,” Jones said in a comment to the student newspaper. “I showed a picture of one of the posters to a student with a mobility impairment, who has difficulty using steps after having had four hip surgeries, to see what she thought about it, and she was visibly dejected upon reading it, saying, ‘That’s really unfair. You don’t know what other people are going through.’”

Fuck you and fuck your feelings.

This is the reason why most of the fattest people ever recorded come from the US, because the Jews have used the media and the educational system to encourage these freaks to not just feel normal, but even “oppressed.”

They want this because becoming fat hurts your mind even more than it hurts the rest of you, and weak-minded people are easier to control.

The day of the harpoon can’t come fast enough.