Latvians Tell It Like It Is with A. Wyatt Mann Tier Political Cartoon

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2018

Nicely done, lads. A quibble though: make the black look more like the lumbering ape that he is and the woman less attractive and instead stupid-looking and retarded.

Otherwise, you weaken the message.


A political party in Latvia has come under fire after its official Facebook page posted a Nazi-related ad, which apparently aims to show the EU as a tribal black man and Latvia as a blond white woman nursing a black baby.

The scandal started on Sunday, when the Latvian Social Democratic Workers’ Party (LSDSP) posted the controversial picture ahead of the October parliamentary election. In addition to the semi-naked couple the image shows the rainbow flag of LGBT pride, the national flag of Latvia in the background and a former logo of the national tax agency. A note above it said it showed Latvia if people didn’t vote for the LSDSP.

Shit like this works. Propaganda I mean. The thing is, it has just gotten more subtle and inescapable with mass media and Hollywood constantly pumping out its propaganda. You don’t need WWI or II-style propaganda like this if you’re a liberal intent on destroying the White race.

The propaganda is all around society, we’re all swirling and swimming in it. People mistakenly believe that this is simply the way things are and will be through inertia and that the momentum is all headed in one direction: to one brown world government or something.

It’s really incredible that the kikes and cucks and freaks won’t even let a little cartoon stand.

Even using outdated methods and ancient caricature, our stuff strikes a chord. It helps that we’re going with the grain, not against it like our Satanic enemies.

Anyways, this wasn’t a mainstream party, but a party that has fallen on hard times and that is now being dog-piled onto.

The post quickly sparked outrage on the social media, as people accused the party of blatant racism. Adding to controversy was the origin of the picture, which was manipulated to produce the ad. It’s based on a painting called “The Modern Family” and attributed to an artist called Herbert Smagon. It is, however, not clear whether Smagon is a real name or a pseudonym.

The ad was quickly taken down and the LSDSP, a party that traces its history back to 1918, but currently has little support and no seats in the national parliament. Back in 1998 it managed to get 14 seats in the 100-sead legislature.

It is said the person who posted the picture has been expelled from the ranks and that the incident will be addressed at an upcoming party session. The party apologized to people, who felt offended by the image, but denied that it had anything to do with racism.

You know its really funny. I saw some Russian blogger take a shot at the former Soviet Republics of Eastern Europe recently that were so eager to gain their independence from the USSR.

He said something along the lines of, “basically, now we know for a fact that preservation of culture, national self-determination and ethnic pride were not the motivation behind the push to throw off the USSR.”

Why would he assert that?

Well, just look at how quickly the citizens of say the Baltics ran off to London and Germany for higher wages and benefits.

Look at how quickly they surrendered part of their sovereignty to Brussels for gibs.

Will they start accepting foreigners in their country if Brussels keeps pushing?

I guess we’ll see.

I now think that the Soviet Union collapsed because of Hollywood. Red convertibles and promises of easy and hot women. Can’t compete with that.

Especially when all you got is this:

Blue jeans and muscle cars. The promise of freedom, sex and money. The power of propaganda.

Propaganda is more powerful than missiles and tanks.

Our side is only now just starting to get the hang of it. We need to keep at it. Keep getting better at it, and never let up.

Memes are our way out of this.