Idaho ACLU Sues State for Not Providing Special Kosher Food to Jew Prisoners

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2017

Any time a Christian in flyover country dares to pray anywhere outside of the crawl space in his house, a spotlight beams the Star of David into the sky and the (((American Civil Liberties Union))) swoops in out of nowhere. Through decades of expensive troll-litigation, they have succeeded in bringing child molesting faggots out of the closet while ruthlessly suppressing anyone who dares to say “Merry Christmas” or “God Bless You” in public.

Somehow, this “interpretation” of the Constitutional clause separating church and state doesn’t apply to Jews. Giant Menorahs are erected on the White House lawn without any legal challenge from the ACLU.

Now this organization is suing the Idaho Department of Corrections for not providing special Kosher food to Jewish prisoners.

Idaho State Journal:

The ACLU of Idaho and Boise civil rights law firm Ferguson Durham PLLC have filed a class action lawsuit seeking a kosher diet for Jewish prisoners incarcerated in Idaho. The lawsuit comes after the ACLU’s unsuccessful efforts to obtain religious accommodations for Jewish prisoners without the need for litigation. Filed in federal court in Idaho, the case asks for a ruling, called a preliminary injunction, requiring the Idaho Department of Correction to provide kosher meals immediately.

“We hear a lot about religious freedom in Idaho,” said ACLU of Idaho Legal Director Richard Eppink. “Religious freedom is one of the most fundamental rights guaranteed under the First Amendment, whether you are incarcerated or not. Instead of upholding the religious freedoms of all in Idaho, the State is forcing Jewish prisoners to defile themselves every time they eat, compelling them to choose between starvation and violating their core religious beliefs.”

The class action is brought by four Jewish prisoners incarcerated by IDOC. The prisoners represent a variety of Jewish practice, ranging from Orthodox to Reform, but all need kosher food to follow the basic dietary requirements of their religion. The case is filed just weeks after the end of Passover, during which two of the plaintiffs in the new lawsuit starved on only fruit and matzo because of IDOC’s refusal to provide meals that were kosher for Passover.

First of all, if you go through your pantry and look at your groceries, you’ll find it difficult to eat something that isn’t Kosher!

Just take a peak through your pantry. Virtually every packaged food you buy has one of these logos on it (they have so many of them to confuse you, so you don’t realize you’re be taxed by Jews on all foods). Besides the health problems with packaged foods, the fact that you are paying Jews a tax with every bite you take is yet another reason to switch to a whole foods diet. 

The Kosher tax scam means – at least according to the labels of everything from Reynolds Aluminum foil to bottled water – that 99% of everything is safe for Jews to eat.

The Jewish website Mashable has a list of “15 items you didn’t know could be kosher.” Nazis may find it pretty gosh-darn lulzy that 2 of the top 3 items on the list are oven-related.

Judging from the context of this lawsuit filing, the problem is Jews want special food for Passover, probably because it is usually higher quality than what they serve the goyim in prison.

Matt Hale, as a Creator (a White Supremacist religion created in the 1970s), has a very eccentric diet in his religion, but the ACLU doesn’t sue Supermax to accommodate him. The amount of Jews who strictly observe Kosher in our prison system is probably not much higher than the number of Creators.

In Argentina, there is even a Kosher McDonald’s.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d be confused by the ACLU demanding the tax-payer set aside resources to appease a fringe and bigoted religion – I’m talking about Judaism of course. All this while they leave no stone unturned in their hunt to find and eliminate every public display of Baby Jesus in America.

But one look at their President (((Susan N. Herman))), and it all makes perfect sense.