Le Pen is Polling Very, Very Well

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2013

Marine Le Pen.
Marine Le Pen.

Say want you want about her refusal to confront the Jews or her rumored to be Jew boyfriend (still haven’t seen a source on that, guys), but the fact that Marine Le Pen is polling as she is demonstrates the present mindset of the French people, who are sick of immigrants and capitalism and endless Jew sex perversions.

When it becomes clear that Le Pen is not as hardcore as she should be, she will easily be replaced with a totally fascist nationalist leader, like the men of the Golden Dawn, or this new hero in Slovakia.

Besides, I don’t actually believe that Le Pen is some type of shill, I think she, and the people around her, honestly believe that downplaying the hardcore message makes them more palatable to the masses. And I don’t even know if that is wrong, in France – though my gut tells me that things are so far gone in Western society that the vast majority of the youth in all European nations is ready to accept brutal extremism.

We might also remember that many members of Le Pen’s party are much more hardcore than she is, so it is quite possible that once in power, if she is too soft, she will be ousted. Possibly by her niece, who apparently has a better relationship with the old man than Marine does. And the old man is a hardcore Jew-hating Holocaust-denier.

    Marion Maréchal Le Pen and her grandfather Jean-Marie.
Marion Maréchal Le Pen and her grandfather Jean-Marie.

I would ask that a French person give their thoughts on these, but I won’t because only seven French people speak English, and they’re all dead.

Oh, this particular poll is Jewish. But the rest of the recent polls are similar, and if anything, the Jews would be trying to downplay the rise of extremist sentiment.

RFI reports:

A poll published today by the Union of Jewish Students in France (UEJF) revealed that 42 per cent of French voters could vote for a far-right candidate in their next municipal election.

The Polling Vox institute survey on 13-14 November found that 18 per cent of the French could “certainly” vote Front National (FN), 24 per cent “might” vote far-right, and 58 per cent declare that they “would not” vote FN.

Last week, opinion polls indicated that nationalist candidates are leading in May’s European Parliament elections and are also expected to rake in 16 per cent of the vote in French municipal elections in March.

This poll came as another poll, released a week ago by the French Institute for Public Opinion (IFOP), showed president François Hollande’s approval rating falling to 20 per cent, the lowest seen since 1958.

Probably, unless something changes, all of those saying they ‘might’ vote FN are just embarrassed to tell the person on the line that they are a hardcore racist. Because, you know, it takes a while for this programming to wear off. Especially while the Jews still control the entertainment media, and push the liberal brainwashing endlessly – one feels a sinner to admit to hating these filthy savage rapist murderers that are crowding the streets of every major city in Europe.

This same sentiment is rising across the board in Europe. Even Grand Ol’ England is demanding these gross aliens cease their invasion.

The fuse has been lit.

2014 is going to be a very interesting year, brothers.