Leader of German Greens: “Without Islam, Germany Would be Boring”

Diversity Mach Frei
September 19, 2017

Katrin Göring-Eckardt

Top German Green Katrin Göring-Eckardt:

To the demand of the AfD [Alternative for Germany, anti-immigration party] for a prohibition on foreign financing of mosque construction and the statement that “Islam gehöre nicht zu Deutschland” [Islam doesn’t belong in Germany”, Göring-Eckardt said: “Of course Islam belongs in Germany and of course Muslims belong to Germany. And I think we can be very happy about that. It would be boring if we were only among ourselves.”


Notice her phraseology belies what she says. “If we were only among ourselves” [“wenn wir nur mit uns”] implies a recognition that Muslims are not “ourselves” [“uns”].

This is a standard part of the anti-European hate propaganda we are constantly subjected to: Europeans are stale, old, boring, lifeless, devoid of any culture of their own; only the brown invaders bring life to a dead continent.

Other statements this woman has made.


In Germany we don’t just need migrants who are skilled workers, although we also need them. Above all, we need migrants who will feel good in our welfare systems and will feel at home!

Talking about a revolution through immigration:

“Our land will change, and drastically. I say to you I am happy about it, perhaps also because I already experienced a peaceful revolution once. This one could be the one that makes our country better.”