Leading Expert on Interdimensional Demons Discusses Trump’s Vow to Continue to Attack Syria and Sanction Russia

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2018

Trump vowed to continue to bomb Syria if any more unproven allegations of gassed babies surface. He also said if Russia continued to be the adult in the room instead of endlessly gargling Jewballs they would be subject to further sanctions, which would obviously make their already trashed economy worse.

There is no scenario in which the CIA/Mossad/Rebels do not stage another gassing hoax to make Trump continue bombing.

There is also no scenario where further sanction of the Russians wouldn’t piss off the Russian people even more and put Putin in a position where he has to engage in offensive military action against America.

These theatrics are really getting tiresome.

Look, if anyone who can launch the bombs on either side is reading this just stop being fags about it. Either drop the entire thing or just drop the damn nukes already.

I’m ready.