Leaked: British Anti-Russia Group Planned to Pitch Pro-Democracy Ideas to Hollywood

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2019

Yes, there are secret groups which secretly plot to use entertainment media to socially engineer the world.

You’d be shocked at how dumb the whole ordeal is, however.


UK-backed covert influence network apparently planned to use its connections to ensure Hollywood and foreign-language films put out a pro-Western message and sought to influence awards like the Oscars and Baftas, show leaked docs.

“We need to refocus and reenergize ‘Western’ entertainment to combat increasing authoritarianism and illiberal tendencies worldwide, how to go about doing so BUT without it being ‘propaganda’,” states an undated “Memorandum” uploaded online last week, in the fourth tranche of leaks from the international Foreign Office-funded Integrity Initiative.

The PDF document title bears the name of Victor Madeira, a leading researcher at the Institute for Statecraft, the parent body of Integrity Initiative, who has featured extensively in files that have been anonymously leaked online since early November.

It begins with concern at China’s growing grasp on US media assets. AMC Theaters, the second-largest American cinema chain, film studio Legendary, Dick Clark Productions, which puts on the Golden Globes, are just several companies that have been bought – often at premium prices – by Chinese investors in the past decade.

“Films critical of Beijing/China’s past or present policies are not as easy to make any more or, if they are made, they won’t now be carried by Chinese-owned US cinema chains,” writes the author.

“If studios know their bottom-line is going to be affected by taking on politically sensitive projects, they will self-censor. Job done.”

The author acknowledges that selling liberal democratic values is an uphill task, not only due to fear of losing money – Hollywood is “increasingly driven purely by financial considerations” – but also because audiences are “no longer receptive to or interested in such content” in a “polarised” world.

While the compiler of the report appears to be stumped at the unintended consequences of the capitalist system the West itself helped spread, and which is now being used against it by China, they are not without solutions. Specifically, that producers and writers must be politically educated by agents of influence to put in the “correct” message in their films.

“Get actual experts like e.g. [writer] Martha Bayles and [academic] Nick Cull to articulate how US and other global entertainment powerhouses, either on their own or in collaboration, can improve and ‘coordinate’ so that output messaging converges to bolster shared democratic values but with locally-relevant content,” says the memorandum.

Agents representing Integrity Initiative’s interests could appear “before relevant government committees,” while the memorandum suggests to “not just focus on outputs but also on the vast surrounding network of events, institutions and sub-communities.”

Obviously, this is already happening and has been happening since the beginning of Hollywood.

World War II was promoted by Hollywood Jews.

The website of “The Integrity Initiative” that produced this document is creepily Orwellian

Seeing secretive groups state outright that “democracy can only work if we control the flow of all information” is always going to be a little bit unsettling.

But clearly they’re not some major player.

I skimmed the documents, and it just reads like some outlying think tank, not specifically powerful, who are frustrated that their own specific agenda isn’t being specifically pushed in exactly the way they want it to be pushed.

So I don’t think these documents are as relevant as one might initially think. What is relevant is the fact of the process revealed itself: that you have a think-tank planning a specific agenda to pitch to Hollywood in order to propagandize the world to accept a specific agenda.

That is to say: there is more going on with the entertainment industry than just Jews pushing Jewish stuff on the goyim. People are having secret meetings.

Also, they’re not wrong about the Chinese influence on Hollywood creating problems. And RT isn’t wrong about the fact that this is the Chinese, ironically, using the open-market globalist-capitalist system created by the West to undermine them for their own purposes.

The first major Chinese-American movie was Venom. About a third of it was paid for by Tencent, which for those who don’t know, is a Chinese company that is the world’s biggest gaming and social media producer (it is usually valued higher than Facebook). China functions as an insect hive, so the difference between the PRC and a gigantic Chinese international corporation is negligible.

Venom was an objectively horrible movie on its face. Although I am completely fed-up with capeshit films, I am a Tom Hardy fan and an action movie fan, and it is just a terrible movie by any metric… other than having literally no agenda in it at all.

It was a white hero with a white girlfriend fighting a creepy Islamic villain.

It shocked the world by over-performing. It broke a bunch of records. Made almost a billion dollars.

People liked it a lot more than critics.

It represents the future of blockbuster movies. Because although there is always this dichotomy in the Jewish mind between making money and selling propaganda to the goyim, the Chinese have no such compunction, and they don’t even have any real ability to understand what exactly it is that Jews are trying to push. They can grasp it observationally, but don’t understand the core concept of the social engineering program.

The guy who was really good and figuring out ways to press an agenda and make money at the same time was Harvey Weinstein. He was doing more than just making his own films, he was doing all kinds of stuff, bringing in people with various skill sets, advising other producers, deciding who wins and loses. So him being taken out of the game was a pretty big loss.

And the fact that he was taken out by feminism is strangely similar to Hollywood being taken over by the Chinese through international capitalism.

The system is stretching itself thin.

The other revelation in this paper – that people simply are not interested in democracy propaganda anymore – is also fun. The direction that all this stuff leads in is now clear, which makes it a lot harder to sell. It’s also that “the message” has become so ubiquitous that people just aren’t going to pay money to get lectured about evil Russia or whatever unless they’re able to make the lecture ultra-entertaining, which is hard to do for a number of reasons, not the least being that creative talent isn’t interested in being involved in something so dull.

With the latest Doctor Who series becoming a social justice lecture and the audience leaving, the audience refusing to watch any more Star Wars films, etc., there is certainly a clear trend of people just not wanting to be lectured by entertainment media anymore.

Black Panther was a hit, but that’s going to be hard to repeat. Marvel films in general are doing well specifically because of the low-level of propaganda and the high number of traditionally good-looking white people.

Excluding “white like me” Scarlet Johannson (who is white in this context), there are only two colored people in main cast of these films, and one is painted green.

I predict that the latest Marvel film, Captain Marvel, is going to have the worst performance of any of these films so far, because it is outright feminist brainwashing of the Doctor Who sort.

The latest trailer for it even had a Hillary Clinton reference.

It’s generally good news that secret conspirators, even if they are low-level secret conspirators, are becoming frustrated with Hollywood’s increasing inability to market liberal democracy to the goyim.