Leftist Cartoonists Honor the Coward John McCain as Hero

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2018

It shouldn’t be surprising that leftists are celebrating John McCain as a hero.

Still, I find it hard to process… how can you just flip your entire narrative, and not notice that you’re doing it?

This was the guy who played a key role in starting the Iraq war. And pushed for all these other wars.

But because he was against Trump, he is now a hero of the left… and the main reason he attacked Trump is that Trump didn’t want to go along with his wars.

These cartoons, all by far-left cartoonists, represent how the left is eulogizing the war-mongering maniac McCain.

The key takeaway here should be that there is no more antiwar left. Just as there is no more economic left. The left is now purely about destroying white people, and they are willing to do whatever they have to do to get that job done.

What that means of course is that there is no more goy-left. The goy-left pushed issues related to war, international trade and the working class – these are now all Trump issues.

We have all their issues that mattered.

The Democrat Party is now solely the party of Jewish lunatics, elitist whites, brown parasites and ultra-deranged sexual perverts (the semi-deranged white sexual perverts are likely to abandon the party – going back in the closet is a small price to pay for not having your head chopped-off by Moslems or being eaten by niggers).


And white women.

Particularly single white women.

Women are so childlike, they can be convinced of literally anything through the most basic kinds of emotional manipulation.

Furthermore, they have a deep psychological desire to replace white men with savages who will force their will upon them. Because all feminism is is a childish tantrum demanding discipline from adults.