Leftist Scum Force Morrissey to Postpone Upcoming Tour Dates

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2018

Morrissey always struck me as a sincere, authentic frontman that actually believed the things he promoted. This authenticity is reflected in the balanced liberal/conservative principles to which he adhered. On the one hand, he promoted veganism and effeminacy; on the other hand, he championed British nationalism and other conservative stances that few other musicians dared touch.

I still can’t stand his music. I think it’s gay, and I’m convinced that listening to it for extended periods will actually turn people gay (or at least a little bicurious). But as an individual, Morrissey is definitely difficult to pigeonhole, and if there’s one thing kikes and leftists can’t stand, it’s wildcards – particularly those with a history of un-PC behavior.

Hence, I’m not surprised that Morrissey’s been forced to postpone upcoming tour dates because of leftist intimidation.

The Independent:

All of Morrissey’s UK and European tour dates in July have been postponed because of logistical problems, his management has announced.

The former Smiths frontman had been due to play two gigs at Castlefield Bowl in his home city of Manchester on 7 and 8 July. He also had shows scheduled for Edinburgh, Portsmouth and Reading during the month.

A statement shared on Morrissey’s official Facebook page said: “Due to logistical problems beyond our control, the UK/European Morrissey concerts scheduled for July will be postponed.

The postponement follows the singer’s manager Peter Katsis criticising the organiser of an anti-racism party in Manchester, which had been intended to coincide with one of the concerts at Castlefield Bowl.

Campaigners claiming to be former fans of Morrissey, 59, are holding the event following comments he made in support of jailed EDL founder Tommy Robinson.

In a statement, Katsis accused the event’s organiser, Dave Haslam, of being an attention-seeker and claimed the move was “bullshit”.

Reacting to the postponement of Morrissey’s UK dates, Haslam said: “I sympathise with fans who made plans to see him, we know what it’s like to be let down by Morrissey.

“If dates are rescheduled, we’ll be happy once again to provide an alternative event in the city. One that counters Morrissey’s support for Tommy Robinson and the far-right.”

I’m interested in knowing what Dave Haslam and his followers intended to protest at their little anti-racism events. Okay, you hate the fact that Morrissey considers Tommy Robinson’s treatment to be “shocking.” So… what’s your position, exactly? That Paki rape gangs are good? That people deserve prison time for speaking out against them?

What is the counter argument here?

Of course, these are all rhetorical questions. There is no legitimate counter argument. Despite fashioning himself as a “cool” and “edgy” DJ, Dave Haslam is about as rebellious as the government propagandists he unknowingly serves. He doesn’t counter Morrissey’s (or Tommy’s) statements with facts and evidence; racism is just wrong because that’s what he’s been told since birth, and he’s too mentally weak to entertain or even tolerate differing viewpoints.

What a good golem.

The ironic part is that Morrissey is actually anti-racist. He does say things that clash with the official line, but in true boomer style, he always cottonbuds those statements with disclaimers (“I have lots of Muslim friends, but…”) and resists speaking in absolutes. He 100% deserves our support, of course, but let’s be honest… we’re not talking about Eric Clapton here.

Anyway, this is all bretty good publicity for our side. Tommy Robinson has a lot of quiet normie supporters in the UK (and beyond), and Morrissey has more supporters still. Also, people are always pissed off when their favorite musicians cancel or reschedule concerts, and tend to direct that anger at the root cause of it.

Which, in this case, is our little DJ friend.

Here’s his Twitter account. Feel free to let him know what you think about his anti-racist events. It’s also worth asking him why he no longer lives in his native Birmingham, the second most enriched city in the UK and one that’s destined to become majority non-white by 2021.

For someone who loves Pakis so much, he doesn’t seem to want to live around too many of them.