Leftist Video Blogger Speaks Out Against the Left

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2015

There is one less retarded left-tard in the world today and it’s refreshing because you can only go through life being a slobbering retard for so long before the weight of reason comes crushing down on your soul like a chronic case of the bends.

JamFaze is a leftist blogger who describes himself as a “left-leaning atheist”.  The left part of him is still partially retarded, but he’s produced a video which offers the hope that the left is finally waking up to how ridiculous it is. For that reason, we’re more than overjoyed to show it, because it makes a lot of sense — to the point one has to ask why JamFaze doesn’t change his negrofied username and come join us de-cucked heroes in the Stormer Troll Force as we change the world for the Whiter.

One step at a time.


  1. Missed in the “racism” hype is that race has nothing to do with the parasitic invaders of your country. Would it be OK if dozens of boatloads of Greeks tried to land on Australia’s shores?

  2. Good video. The gravel voiced female impersonator at 4:48 is especially amusing.

  3. Is there really a danger of Sharia law being brought to Australia? Sounds like more Patriotarded Zionist anti-Muslim hysteria to gin up support for wars for Israel. You do realize that this guy is another Bill Maher type who attacks Islam on Cultural Marxist grounds; i.e. the Mooslims are bad because they don’t like fags, Jews, or whoreish women. In other words the Mooslims are being attacked for having the same values that most Whites had a scant 60 years ago. I’m all for banning the importation of Sand Niggers into White lands, but those of you who can’t see this constant Mooslim bashing for what it is (wars for Israel and a reinforcement of the Fag and Whore agenda) are starting to really trigger me.

  4. That is the best opening sentence I’ve ever seen.

  5. Most of these white people are filling a deep psychological void within themselves and on more than one level. The first level is that it allows them to express the hate that exists in their hearts and minds under the guise of “social justice” and “equality”.
    One need only look at their faces contorted with hate or listen to the malice that drips from every word they speak to realise that these are societies most demented and truly hateful people who are able to express that hate and inclination to control others because we live in insane and inverted times – their rights to be hateful and aggressive and protected in law, in practice.
    If you removed the bandwagons for these whites to leap on they would literally be lost. They would still be hateful people, but they would be denied the entire social scene that goes with being an endorsed anti- white hate monger. Being PART of something defines them. They don’t care if it’s a rally to support Muslims, homosexuals, or black lives. Many of them know little of the subjects themselves. Doesn’t matter. Like in 1984 they get to express their “two mins hate”, they get to feel a part of something. And for the first time in their life they get to pretend that they are goodly people with a righteous and noble cause.

    These whites disgust me and are lower than Jews or Muslims. There are no excuses for them nor should any be entertained. If they were just entirely apathetic to all political matters, I could give them slack. But they are VERY political and VERY active, therefore they are plating their flag firmly in the ground and it says “We are your enemy white man”. It makes no difference if they are white themselves. They should be seen as clear and present enemy combatants, worse than Jews and Muslims for they are traitors.

  6. Le Happy Merchant $$$

    Only a blind brainwashed walking dead useful idiot could not realize that the Western World is being subverted with Cultural Marxism.

    Useful idiot Whites will meet the same fate as useful idiots did after the Bolshevik Revolution. When the goal is reached, they will be lined up against the wall and slaughtered.

  7. Wow, just wow. That creature at 9:54. What the hell was it? Is there some new breed of SJWs?

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