Leftist Video Blogger Speaks Out Against the Left

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2015

There is one less retarded left-tard in the world today and it’s refreshing because you can only go through life being a slobbering retard for so long before the weight of reason comes crushing down on your soul like a chronic case of the bends.

JamFaze is a leftist blogger who describes himself as a “left-leaning atheist”.  The left part of him is still partially retarded, but he’s produced a video which offers the hope that the left is finally waking up to how ridiculous it is. For that reason, we’re more than overjoyed to show it, because it makes a lot of sense — to the point one has to ask why JamFaze doesn’t change his negrofied username and come join us de-cucked heroes in the Stormer Troll Force as we change the world for the Whiter.

One step at a time.