Leftists Don’t Have Any Ideas. The Entire Movement is About Signaling Social Status.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 8, 2019

All journalists appear to be mentally ill to some degree or another, but Luke O’Brien is an especially sad case. This guy is in his fifties, he comes from an ultra-rich family, he went to Harvard, and his greatest life accomplishment was a cover story in The Atlantic about me.

He became obsessed with plotting to destroy me after I exposed him for having faked communications with the FBI in order to try to intimidate me back in 2016.

Imagine your greatest life accomplishment being a magazine cover featuring a badass drawing of your worst enemy with your own name in small print below it.

He spent over a year writing it. The story flopped because I refused to respond to his monthly threatening emails and was never interviewed for the profile, and because he went completely nuts making various allegations and citing anonymous sources. Despite the fact that I was a very hot news item at the time, the only news outlet that reported on the article was NPR, which did so before it was published.

Because of the problems with that article, he’s been relegated to working as a blogger at the Huffington Post, presumably without pay, mongering gossip and attempting to dox people who dare to question the government and media.

Meanwhile, I’m still the most influential and most read right-wing writer alive. And I will forever have my face on a magazine cover looking ultra-badass to show to women I’m trying to seduce.

It must be a hard fight for Luke. He’s been really abused by the rest of the Alt-Right journalism beat. At one point, a female member of this beat, whose name I won’t mention, laughed along with a bunch of Nazis on a Skype group chat about how he’s a “creepy” weirdo who gives off a serial killer vibe.

At this point, he appears to be singularly obsessed with me personally, and engaged in a kind of revenge mission. He apparently believes that if he can take me down, he will finally be recognized as the hero he truly is. He was a good person, only ever thought the good thoughts, only ever said the good things, he fought the bad people who thought the bad things and said the bad things, and he deserves to be recognized for his goodness.

If you look at his Twitter, it’s like an NPC parody account. It’s all just “I’m a good boy, I’m a good boy, look at me, I believe all the good things, I am against all the bad things.”

He might end up literally murdering me some day, because he’s sure as hell not going to get me with his writing skills. This thing where he writes blog posts like he’s writing a 1930s detective novel is inexplicable.

Last week, the SPLC published a dox of former Stormer writer Eric Striker, wherein the author attempted to insinuate that Striker is secretly an Indio tribesman or something, even while the photo and video they posted of him showed that he’s obviously just an Italian. This tactic is widely used by the SPLC as an attempt to sow distrust and confusion among white people. They claim that race does not exist, but as soon as it comes to White Nationalists, all of a sudden the SPLC feels the need to concern-troll about political activists not living up to the Pure 100% Bavarian Phenotype.

After the publication of the SPLC dox, Luke O’Brien wanted to get in on the attack (and relate it back to his arch nemesis, who he tweets about constantly), and posted this tweet:

That’s what we in the biz call “doing it wrong.”

You definitely cannot keep up the appearance of being something other than a mentally ill lunatic on a personal hate mission by saying “Not that it matters to me because I’m not a racist” before “But this guy is a gook-fucking nigger and that’s probably why he hired that spic.”

I’ve been attacked by boomer feminist KKK members over my well-documented pathological fixation with Asian prostitutes, but I think when he accuses me of being black, he’s misinterpreting a meme.

I’ve been suspiciously accused of being a Jew by anonymous forum users like every single other person who’s ever talked about Jews on the internet. And feminists have claimed that I must be part Asian – because why else would I favor gentle Asian waifus over irate shield-wielding white whales? But I’m relatively sure no one ever actually accused me of being black.

I guess O’Brien can’t mention the true shame of my heritage: that I, like him, am a potato nigger.

I’ve tried to hide it with a mustache. But there is no getting around it. They see my round head and bright pink skin, and they know what I am.

The tweet has since been deleted.

I guess someone tapped O’Brien on the shoulder and let him know that is a very bad look. I can’t imagine he has the self-awareness to think twice about it himself.

There is a lesson here.

These people who attack us don’t actually believe in anything. For white people like Luke O’Brien, promoting leftism is not in one’s own self-interest. The opposite, in fact. And leftists literally do not have any ideas, so there isn’t even any kind of abstract intellectual appeal.

Leftism is, in its entirety, simply a way of signaling status. It is telling the world: “See, I’m one of the good ones, I say all the things I’m supposed to say. Look at those bad ones over there, they are so low.”

The Jews understand this. This is why they have continually associated “racism” with inbred trailer park people.

This is why every single attack you see on white activists by leftists is some kind of personal attack. It usually isn’t as obvious as “gook-fucking nigger,” but they always find some way to attack the status of the person involved.

Writing about me after having been quarantined at the HuffPo blog, O’Brien once called me short seven (7) times in one article.

He regularly calls people who email him “goat fuckers.”

“Virtue-Signaling” really is the perfect term for the entire political display leftists engage in.

For people who are not driven by any kind of creativity or inner fire, and who lack intellectual curiosity, social status is the most important aspect of life.

We all learned about this mindset as kids in Doctor Seuss’ “The Sneetches.”

You can see how important status is to these journalists in the way they react to memes. Two recent ones in particular – NPC and “Learn to Code” – caused them to cry to Twitter until anyone who used the memes was permanently banned. The reason that these memes triggered them so badly is that they implied that believers in leftism are low status. And they really hit home.

The NPC meme, which is a robot person who simply repeats slogans, implied that anyone who believes in leftism is a mindless automaton incapable of critical thought.

This broke their hearts because despite the fact that they do not have any ideas, the journalist class likes to believe that they are somehow intellectual, that they have beliefs that they’ve worked out on their own, and that the fact that every single corporate media outlet, every single multinational corporation, the whole of celebrity culture and the entirety of academia share all of their beliefs – with literally zero variance – simply demonstrates that they are just as clever as the elite ruling class.

“Learn to code” was a meme based on a series of articles written by the journalist class about how out-of-work coal miners in their 40s and 50s should learn to write JavaScript. For the journalists, it appeared to be either a way to mock middle Americans, who they view as pathetic, or a manifestation of just how disconnected from reality they actually are. Probably, it was both.

When there were massive layoffs of journalists, and they were all on Twitter posting their resumes, people tweeted their own words back at them: “Learn to code.”

This drove them insane, as it implied that they were no better than the lowest of the low-status: small town white American coal miners. Their work is meaningful and important, they are the intellectual elite, they are the ones who tell people what to think, they are the ideas people. One million coal miners are not worth one journalist fingernail – and anyone who dares question that will go to hell.

With the outrageous response to both memes, it was clear that they believe they should be the ones making the insults, because they’re the good ones. They have the good thoughts and say the good things. Even if they’re fired from a job they were only making $35,000 a year at (while being required to live in New York City), they’re the moral elite, and they are better than those who think the bad things and say the bad things.

What none of these people will ever do is try to explain why the bad thoughts are bad. They will never critique the ideas White Nationalists present. Because again: they literally have no ideas at all, let alone ideas capable of countering and dismissing something as autistically fleshed-out as White Nationalism.

None of them are even capable of explaining our ideas. The only leftists who ever tried were George Hawley and Angela Nagle. And you don’t see either of them quoted very often, do you? (Though the latter did appear on Tucker Carlson a few months ago.)

O’Brien’s Atlantic piece on me was literally 10,000 words of name-calling, spiced up with weird bits of incomprehensible psychoanalysis. Despite the title – “The Making of an American Nazi” – he didn’t touch at all on the topic of what made me.

I have no idea why the editor didn’t change that title, because it really drew attention to the fact that there was no attempt to understand what causes a well-off middle class kid with a solidly leftist background (and significantly more writing talent than the entire journalist class combined) to grow up to be the villain, to throw away that precious social status. To discuss why I believe what I believe would require looking at my ideas themselves, which is simply impossible for the media to do. Instead, they opt to assert the vaguely metaphysical claim that we are all somehow evil.

The problem they’re facing now is that the immigration has gotten so out of control, and the social-engineering has gotten so bizarre, that anyone who isn’t from the most privileged class of whites no longer has the luxury of pretending to believe in nonsense in order to signal social status. Brown people, economic pressure and child trannies have encroached on the bodies and souls of normal people to the point where rebelling against it is a practical matter, rather than something ideological.

Someday I will write my own 10,000 word essay on “Making an American Nazi,” and tell the story myself. But all that anyone really needs to know is that the entire neighborhood I grew up in has been repopulated by immigrants, and when you go to places where I played as a child, you hear twenty different languages and are lucky to see a single white kid. “It doesn’t matter because race doesn’t exist and if you believe it matters then you’re evil” simply is not an argument sufficient to make this situation okay.