Legalizing Rape is Fundamentally Good for America

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 14, 2018

Womyn everywhere around America are demanding to be raped. Unfortunately, antiquated and outdated laws prohibiting rape are depriving womyn of their freedoms.

One of the best things to come out of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation circus was that it has allowed us to finally have an honest intellectual conversation about rape. Clearly, anti-rape laws have been a disaster for this country. It has been particularly tough on independent womyn who desire to be raped but have no access to a healthy supply of male rapists.

This greatly unfortunate situation has caused many womyn to take out their rage on innocent men by falsely accusing them of rape when no such rape occurred. They’ve even gone so far as to support political agendas that bring third world savages into the country who are more likely to rape them. In extreme cases, the lack of rapists have resulted in various forms of mental illness causing some to seduce underage teenage boys for the purpose of their own sexual gratification. There is no question that anti-rape laws have been nothing short of a societal and cultural disaster for America.

Some will claim that the many females we saw protesting Kavanaugh were expressing an anti-rape view. This is not a proper interpretation of the situation. These protesters were actually expressing their desire to be raped.

Womyn are not logical creatures so it is impossible to accept much of what they say at face value. These anti-rape protests were them trying to draw attention to themselves in the hopes that a group of men would kidnap and rape them. In fact, they appeared to be projecting their rape fantasies on to Kavanaugh in the hopes that he would be the one doing the raping.

This same type of phenomenon occurred with the pussy hat marches against Donald Trump. These womyn claimed to be protesting Trump’s statements about how easy it is to grab womyn by the pussy if you’re a star. In reality, these womyn were only protesting Trump in the hopes that he would personally grab them by the pussy.

Another problem these womyn have is that most of them are ugly, old or fat. In the most extreme cases, they are ugly, old and fat. Your average man is not going to risk many years in jail to rape womyn who are ugly, old or fat let alone any combination of the three. Not even desperate incels are willing to take such a risk.

Anti-rape laws also represent an outdated symbol of the patriarchy which has been fully torn down thanks to the wisdom of Jews and independent womyn. These laws only make sense if womyn are declared the property of men by the state. Since womyn have been given autonomy, there is no longer a purpose for the laws. Anti-rape laws deprive womyn of liberty and the right to pursue happiness which is guaranteed to them under the United States Constitution.

It’s also worth noting that one goal of feminism has been to give womyn the freedom to be raped. Camille Paglia, a contrarian feminist but still a feminist, once explained how 1960s second-wave feminism helped increase the chances of womyn being raped. In other words, you can’t be a real feminist unless you support rape legalization.

At this point in time, there is no logical reason to keep these outdated anti-rape laws on the books. Even the anti-rape extremists at the Southern Poverty Law Center could not cite a single reason to justify the continuation of these stifling anti-rape laws. They published a rambling and incoherent article criticizing the Daily Stormer’s principled rape legalization position, but based their absurd opinion entirely off of emotion and hysterics.

We simply can’t have a situation where womyn are disrupting the functions of our society due to a lack of rapists. Legalizing rape will provide these womyn with a larger supply of rapists and end this bizarre phenomenon of men being falsely accused of a crime that shouldn’t be considered a crime in the first place.

The good news is that we are finally starting to see bi-partisan support for abolishing anti-rape laws. Even feminists are backing boomer aged leftist men who are publicly declaring their right to rape.

The bottom line is that legalizing rape is fundamentally good for America. Not only should rape be legal in all 50 of these United States, but the federal government should encourage its practice to the fullest.