Lesbian “Mother” Couple Jailed After Lice-Infested Daughter Starves to Death

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2019

Margaret Wade, 38 (left), and Marie Sweeney, 37 (right).

The oppressive weight of the patriarchy has been lifted from the family and now we can observe the matriarchy in action.

Daily Mail:

The ‘deviant and devious’ parents of a malnourished toddler who died after she was left starving for months and riddled with thousands of head lice, have been jailed for six years. 

Margaret Wade, 38, and Marie Sweeney, 37, have today been jailed over the death of Lauren Wade, who was left to starve at their filthy flat in Glasgow’s Sighthill.

Lauren, who was just two years and five months old, died from complications arising from malnutrition in March 2015.

Medical staff found she was emaciated and infested with head lice when she was brought into hospital after being found unresponsive at her home.

She was pronounced dead around 30 minutes later.

The ‘skinny, dirty and smelly’ toddler had a sodden nappy, bald patches and was covered in thousands of head lice, the High Court in Glasgow heard today. 

There was evidence the lice had been there for ‘over 17 months’ of her life.

Paramedics told the court that the cover Lauren had been lying on was covered in lice and fleas and they had to clean and decontaminate the ambulance.

Without a strong masculine presence, women revert back into depraved animals. We see that every day.

Their sexual conduct is not the only thing that gets corrupted. Day to day behavior, physical and mental state, personality, even their voices. All of it gets corrupted, perverted, and rotten. The outwards display of rottenness portrayed in this story is just a manifestation of what’s happening inside of their hearts.

A police officer who visited the ‘uninhabitable’ flat where the family lived described it as ‘one of the most disgusting houses he had ever seen in his career‘.

The court heard it was littered with rubbish, leftover food, dirty plates and clothes and infected with hundreds of insects and flies.

Just as “fat is beautiful,” and the repugnant should be enforced as a standard of beauty, filth should be seen as the new clean. After all, cleanness is a social construct and these brave lesbians have ridden themselves of such torture devices from the patriarchy.

Wade, who was Lauren’s biological mother, told police she had ‘no guilt’ over her daughter’s death. The judge said the two women had been offered help and advice and had failed to take it.

If you let women choose, they’ll fuck everything up. Offering medicine to sick women in this sick society and expecting them to take it is like offering broccoli to toddlers and expecting them to eat it instead of ice cream. Both cases have more tempting options available.

Lauren Wade

I recently wrote that femininity can’t exist if masculinity is not present first, but the absence of a man is not the only problem in this story. Lesbians are insane. Homosexuality is a disease, but lesbians in particular are a blight. Women are great at bringing out the worst in women because their natural tendency is towards corruption. Passive males are almost as effective.

Anything other than masculinity results in women going mad and turning into savages.

Masculinity is one of the strongest anti-corruption forces. It’s a light that purifies the perversions and depravities that lurk in the dark.

Non-heterosexual people pretending to be a family or a “couple” should not be allowed near children. Caring about kids means not letting them get corrupted and abused by rotten front-hole creatures and other abominations.

Unfortunately, our current situation has many incentives in place for women to destroy families and traumatize children. They can destroy the lives of men by just making some story up on Twitter, and they can take half of the stuff of any man they marry at any time, no questions asked. The mainstream portrays men as obsolete tools and masculinity as the evil of the world, reinforcing the idea that rejecting men and ruining their lives is some kind of virtue, like it’s something good for society as a whole.

There’s a lot of hand-rubbing engineering to overcome if we want to save the family, but we can get it done if we join forces.

Together we’re feared.