Lesbian Mother is Arrested for Running Away with Sperm Donor

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2019


Cases like this one are possible thanks to the Talmudic law system.

Daily Mail:

The parents of a lesbian British mother arrested in The Channel Islands with her children three years after she left her wife to run away with their sperm donor today spoke out to defend her.

Teacher Lauren Etchells, 33, is in custody after being caught arriving in Jersey in a dinghy with her two young children and her elderly parents.

Angela and Brian Etchells, both 67, who were also arrested and are now on bail, say their daughter is law-abiding and had never even had so much as a parking ticket before going on the run.

Speaking on the island, Angela said: ‘Our daughter’s motivation in this was only based on love and a desperate need to protect her children. Their welfare was her only concern.

In a story that made headlines around the world, Lauren vanished from Canada in 2016 after splitting from her wife Tasha Brown, 45. 

Ethcells had allegedly ignored a court order not to leave Canada with daughter Kaydance, who she had with Ms Brown.

Yes, the two women were pregnant with the same baby, at the same time.

Etchells (left) and Brown (right)

Very current year.

Ms Brown went to court when the couple split up, fearing Ms Etchells would take Kaydance away as she started a new life with her friend Marco van der Merwe, who was the sperm donor for her second child Marcus but who became her partner.

So this Brown lesbian feared Etchells, who is the actual mother of Kaydance, would take Kaydance away after the breakup.

This is a ridiculous situation that is enabled by the notion that same-sex couples can be parents. It is an attack on the meaning of words and on our language, and consequently, an attack on our minds.

The only parent in this case is the woman who was pregnant.

If they weren’t married, none of this would have happened — the mother would take her children and everyone would consider it the normal course of action.

But gay marriage magically imbues sterile beings with the rights of an actual parent, and the Talmudic law system enables this Interpol 007 spy super villain persecution of a woman and her kids.

She was found by Jersey Police on Tuesday when she tried to land a 13ft inflatable dinghy near St Catherine on the east coast of the Channel Island.

On board with her were Kaydance, now four, Marcus and her parents Brian and Angela, both 67. They told police they had come from France on a day trip.

Etchells appeared at Jersey Magistrate’s Court on Thursday and pleaded guilty to child neglect and immigration offences. Her parents were released on bail after pleading guilty to aiding and abetting, and immigration offences.

They will all be sentenced in August. Meanwhile, proceedings to extradite Etchells to Canada are under way. The children are currently in foster care while the case proceeds.

I’m glad to know justice has been served. Everything’s better now that the kids are being abused in the foster care system and that their mother, who thought she could get cold feet about The Gay, is behind bars.

There is no escape from The Gay.

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