Level 99 Fedora-Tipper Richard Dawkins Is Coming Full Circle on Christianity

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2018

Dawkins has made a career on bashing people that never fight back: Christians.

For a long time, he had that smug attitude that is common to people who pick fights with weaker opponents, that smirking unearned feeling of self-superiority.

Lots of edgy shits, mostly mutts and Jews, thought that this guy was the absolute baddest boss on the block. You know the types, the “I fucking love science” types. The Internet had to viciously bully these people for years before they calmed down.

But Dawkins has done a lot to redeem himself in my eyes. He at least has the decency to call out Moslems on their religiosity as well (unlike the majority of “atheists”). And what’s more, amusingly, he seems to have a little bit of self-awareness about his incredibly destructive role in bringing down White civ’s defense mechanism against Islam: Christianity.

He’s starting to sound a lot more conciliatory to Christianity and a lot more hostile to Islam.


Best-selling atheist author Richard Dawkins has once again been branded “racist” after he tweeted that the sound of cathedral bells is much more pleasant than the “aggressive-sounding Muslim Allahu Akbar.”

Where’s the lie?

The Arabic phrase – which means ‘God is Greatest’ – is used by Muslims, usually to express gratitude and commitment to Allah, and it’s sung at the beginning of the call to prayer. It also has negative connotations as a number of terrorists have shouted the words before carrying out attacks.

Dawkins, who has previously faced a barrage of criticism for claiming in a 2013 tweet that Islam is the “greatest force for evil in the world today,” was again accused of Islamophobia on Tuesday morning after sending a provocative tweet.

It’s funny. This man has never ever faced any real resistance to his atheistic bullshit. But now he’s finding out that criticizing Islam is a big no-no.

High-profile communist reporter Ash Sarkar blasted the atheist author of ‘The God Delusion’ as a “tedious old racist.” Meanwhile, other Twitter users said that rather than Dawkins being influenced by what he branded his “cultural upbringing,” he was instead mired by “prejudice.”

Last year Dawkins was barred from attending an event hosted by KPFA Radio in Berkeley, California, because of his “abusive speech against Islam.” But in an open letter to the organizers, the writer insisted he “never used abusive speech against Islam” and was instead targeting ‘Islamism,’ a fundamentalist interpretation of the religion.

Dawkins also made the headlines in 2015 when he questioned the motives of Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old boy who was wrongly arrested in the US after his teacher thought a clock he made was a bomb, and back in 2013 drew fire for comparing Islam and Nazi Germany.

Last year’s liberals are discarded now that they’ve done their job and demoralized the White goyim.

On the one hand, it is sweet to see them get cannibalized. On the other hand, these people might become allies in the near future – seriously, never say never, politics are radically realigning at an accelerated rate – so I suppose I’ll keep an open mind.

I think that Sargon and Dawkins might even form a political party in the UK in the next 6 months. Seriously. Never say never.

If they can peel away a few old-school liberals and lefties from SJWism before they croak, that might be worth it.

This is definitely a real development. Loads of liberals are now finding themselves on the extreme right.

Should be interesting.