Liam Neeson Goes on TV and Mocks Racism with “Powerwalking” Joke, Beats Niggerbitch Host with Cosh

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2019

Liam Neeson went on Good Morning America this morning to respond to the drama surrounding his history of stalking the streets looking for niggers to beat to death.

He told the niggerbitch host that he solved his desire to kill niggers by powerwalking – an obvious tongue-in-cheek joke, mocking the anti-racist statement.

He then started talking about how he bombed prot pubs in Belfast in his youth before turning his hatred toward niggers, viewing them as a bigger threat.

He also explained that it was only when he was filming Schindler’s List that he learned about the Jewish problem, when it was explained to him by Polish car drivers. He then realized that “kikes are behind the nigger agenda” and swore to spend the rest of his life making pro-white films about killing blacks.

He then told the niggerbitch that he was putting his life at risk by hunting down niggers.

She made a face.

I recommend you watch the whole clip, because you’ll get a surprising treat at the end when Neeson pulls out his cosh and beats the niggerbitch host to death.

In other news, Jussie Smollett has come out and added that the MAGA gang-attackers “had strong Irish accents” and that the exact quote was “righty then boyo, looks like ye stumbled cross the wrong trail and ended your black ass up in MAGA country then eh?”

Smollett hasn’t openly accused Neeson, but he did put a video on Instagram saying “I just want Liam Neeson to know that I’m gay – I never raped any women because I only love man-ass.”

Liam reportedly has a “yes all niggers” philosophy, and doesn’t care if Smollett is a faggot or what and not responsible for the massive numbers of black-on-white rape.