Liberal Anti-Racists are Violent and Filled with Hatred

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2014

Anti-racists are violent people driven by pure hatred.
Anti-racists are violent people driven by pure hatred.  They are also childish and probably mostly Jews.

As those who read the comments sections of articles on the Daily Stormer are aware, we tend to allow quite a bit of free speech.  We even allow anti-racists and other liberals to spew their hate.  I personally believe that this is a good policy, given that it allows anyone to see that it is not us, but the establishment liberals who are driven by hatred.  It is they who call for violence and the torture of their ideological enemies, they who disregard open discussion and debate in favor of threats, they who openly desire to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

I usually don’t respond to these comments.  Sometimes other people do.  There isn’t really a need to respond, because anyone who reads this website is aware that we are good-natured folk, who are surely not driven by hate – even if we do make a few jokes at the expense of our racial enemies, we do so out of love for our own people.

Our core message is separation, simply asking that we be allowed to live alone and do what it is we wish to do without having Jews and other non-Whites invading our base and pushing us around, making demands upon us.  We have no desire for control over anyone else, we simply wish to be left alone.

Then we compare this to the liberal, who desires to have complete control over us, not only of our behavior, but of our thoughts.

Anyway, to illustrate all of this, I have responded to the comment of a liberal anti-racist.

Original comment is here.
Original comment is here.

>I ended up here reading at a funny kanye article. Then I got here. You’re a functional retard. Youre racist, Youre anti semitic. YOU are absolutely everything wrong with this world.

When I think of the things that are wrong with this world, I don’t see any of them relating in any way at all to racism or Antisemitism.

Surely, different people have different views of what the world’s biggest problems are, but most would agree that the very biggest, in some order, are the following:

  • War
  • Population crisis
  • Environmental crisis
  • Resource/energy crisis
  • Global economic crisis
  • Islamic Jihad situation
  • Refugee/migrant crisis
  • Russia vs the West cold war crisis

None of these problems relate to racism or Antisemitism, and they certainly do not relate to people who express racist or Antisemitic beliefs on the internet.  It seems that your statement that we are “everything wrong with this world” is, from an objective standpoint, utterly delusional, presumably driven by emotions and lies you’ve been told by the media and education establishment.

>You’re rant about how white men have to rise up. You really think black people are beneath you?

I don’t know that I have used the term “beneath me,” but obviously by objective measurements of IQ and historical accomplishments, Blacks are significantly less developed, biologically, than Whites.  This is clearly the reason they have such a difficult time integrating into modern European and European-derived societies and tend to fail on a global scale when forced to compete with other races.  One has to have a blatant political agenda to obscure this clear reality.

>you really think all jews are running the world and their “occult rituals” are what is ruining society? All media is jewish?

I don’t know anything about any occult rituals, but again, the amount of power Jews hold is objectively measured.  It is not a matter of opinion that the majority of Western power constructs, including governments, the media, the educational establishment, philanthropic groups and NGOs, etc., are headed or managed by individuals who are of Jewish descent (either this is true or it isn’t, it is not a matter of belief or debate).

If I were in a classroom, I would not say “all media is Jewish,” though the statement is mostly accurate.  What I would say instead would be “the vast majority of established news and entertainment media is headed or controlled by individuals who are of Jewish descent.”  And this would be a factually accurate statement, one which is not open to debate.  You can say “well, it doesn’t matter, they are just random people who happen to be Jewish” as Abe Foxman claims, but you cannot say that they are not Jews, because that is factually inaccurate.

>youre a fucking retard. Theres not even enough jews left to run the media after they were practically wiped off the planet in the 1940s.

This is an utterly nonsensical statement, even if one chooses to believe in the completely insane stories of the alleged Jewish holocaust.

>It pains me to think that someone as dimwitted as yourself can actually have an opinion.

Yes, this is typical of authoritarian leftists who desire to have total control over the narrative: all opposition must be silenced, no one who disagrees with our emotion-based belief systems has a right to speak or hold an opinion, ideological enemies should be hunted down and silenced.

>Why are you threatened by black people? Is your dick that small? Are they too brown? what honest to god is your fucking problem?

Ah yes.  A penis argument.  One of the favorites of the intellectual left.  In fact, I have never seen an angry rant by an anti-racist that didn’t have some reference to penis size.  What a strange obsession.

No, I am not threatened by the penis size of Blacks.  Though I do believe White women are threatened by the penises of Blacks, regardless of the size, as between 15,000 and 35,000 of them are raped each year by Black men in the USA.

Many White people, myself included, also take issue with the hundreds of Black-on-White murders which take place every year here in America.

Along with the rapes and murders, a lot of people don’t like the general threatening and aggressive posturing of Blacks, and some even take issue with the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax money that gets spent on them and their projects and programs every year.

So no, it doesn’t appear to have much to do with penis size.  If penis size is an issue for some racists, it comes after the above listed issues they have with Blacks.

>What the fuck kind of site is this? Some of the comments were intelligible. but the rest of you can eat glass. you should be ashamed of yourselves. Im surprised a bunch of inbred fucks can even figure out how run a website. You probly have a jewish coder and you dont even know it.

Yes, we must be inbred or we would believe absolutely everything we were told by the government-run educational system and the mainstream media in the manner that you do.  The only possible explanation for an individual having a worldview which differs from that which is promoted by the state must be inbreeding.

How scathing.

>I wish I could carve a swastika into all of your foreheads you ignorant pieces of shit.

Yes, wishing to commit violence on us.  This is, again, standard anti-racist hate-speech.  Bodily mutilation is one of the favorites.  A fascination not simply with physically harming their ideological enemies but an obsession specifically with torture/mutilation must say something about the collective psychology of the anti-racist movement.

But I’m not a psychologist.

>If you’re wondering whats wrong with the world, look no futher than your mirror. take you bullshit, whacked out, 18th century ideals and jump of a fucking cliff with them. no one will miss you. have a nice day.

Yes, that is what it comes down to in the end with you people, always, isn’t it?  Because we refuse to go along with what you intend to force us to believe, we must die.

How on earth is it that you folks get away with claiming to be “free thinkers”?

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