“Liberal Democracy and the Rule of Law”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2018

William Kristol is a neoconservative kike who played a key role in hoaxing the invasion of Iraq by lying about a fake threat to the American people and getting us to spend trillions in a meaningless war for Israel.

He, like every other prominent neoconservative, refused to side with Trump, even given Trump’s pro-Israel positions, because Trump inspires white people and argues against a state of endless war.

During the campaign, he kept saying he was against Trump because he’s not a true conservative – the same thing that neocon kikes like Max Boot, Jennifer Rubin and Ben Shapiro said. When asked to elaborate, they would say that being against open borders and free trade was dangerous to capitalism.

Now Kristol is talking about “liberal democracy and the rule of law,” while allying with a bunch of liberal Democrats pushing for open borders.

Whether it be libertarian capitalism or authoritarian communism, Jews will promote ideologies as weapons to Jew you out of your ability to use basic logic and deal with simple problems using simple solutions. They are obsessed with legalisms, because through that they are able to obfuscate their actual agenda, which is simply to protect the interests of the Jew race.

In any argument you engage in with a Jew, his singular goal is to confuse you or to confuse those watching, because there is no single situation where he can be honest about his motives.