Libertarian Jew WaPo Writer Says Bring Syrians to US, Because the Holocaust and Hitler

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2015

Ilya Somin: Another of America's great moral compasses.
Ilya Somin: Another of America’s great moral compasses.

Ilya Somin, a Jew writer for the Jew Volokh Conspiracy which has for a long time been a part of the Jew Washington Post, is a libertarian Jew. Meaning it is of course a coincidence that he is a Jew and also writes for the liberal Jew Washington Post.

It is also a complete and total coincidence that this libertarian Jew agrees completely with liberal Jews that we need, like, way more Moslem immigrants in America.

He begins by telling us of the suffering – just in case we’d forgotten about the Holocaust since the last time we heard it mentioned:

Today, many people across the political spectrum agree that the US and other Western democracies were wrong to severely restrict German Jewish immigration in the 1930s. This is so even though these governments were not responsible for the oppression of Jews in Nazi Germany. Moreover, we condemn 1930s US immigration policy despite the fact that, at that time, it was far from clear that Nazi anti-Semitism would culminate in mass murder on the scale of the Holocaust.

Despite this uncertainty, 1930s immigration policy was still deeply unjust. And one of the reasons why is that policymakers knew, or should have known, that German Jews faced a substantial risk of enduring still greater repression in the future, even if that outcome was not yet certain. By blocking most German Jewish immigration, the US and other western nations became partially complicit in the injustices inflicted against them. The US government was not just standing by and doing nothing in the face of Nazi oppression; it was using force to actively impede victims’ efforts to save themselves.

Just to be clear here: he is blaming America for the gassing of six bajillion Jews.

This is how he opens an article lecturing us on why we need to take Syrian immigrants.

He then gives a lengthly quote from economist Bryan Caplan – coincidentally, also Jewish, but don’t worry he’s one of those good libertarian Jews not the bad communist sort – who explains that it is morally evil for a government to not accept unlimited numbers of refugees.

Bryan Caplan: Another great moral compass for the filthy goyim
Bryan Caplan: Another great moral compass for the filthy goyim

After noting that another Jew agrees with his moral position, Somin returns to talk about how evil Hitler was.

Even if you don’t support a general presumption in favor of open borders migration, there is still a strong moral case for extending immigration rights to people fleeing repressive regimes and conflict zones where there is strong potential for much greater oppression in the near future. If we reject that position, we also have to conclude that 1930s restrictions on immigration by German Jews don’t deserve their bad reputation. After all, what the US and other western governments did at that time wasn’t much different from what many of the same nations routinely do today.

I just want to note here that Somin is a Jewish lawyer lecturing on morality, how cites a Jewish economist to back him up. These people are not ethicists or theologians or philosophers.

Being lectured by a Jewish lawyer on morality is about like being lectured by Michael Moore on diet.

I do not claim that even the most desperate refugees should have absolute migration rights that always trump competing considerations. Just as I reject absolute property rights, and absolute rights to freedom of speech, I also reject an absolute absolute right to freedom of movement. In rare cases, the use of force to keep out refugees fleeing oppression may be the only way to avoid even greater horrors.

Oh? Yeah, I mean, this must be one of those cases, right?

But, in this case, even more so than with immigration restrictions generally, we have a strong moral obligation not to impede people fleeing oppression unless doing so really is the only way to avoid still greater evils. And, as a practical matter, most of the alleged harms attributed to immigration are either greatly overstated, amenable to less draconian solutions than banning migration, or both.

Allowing potential victims to flee oppressive regimes before disaster strikes won’t save all of them, or probably even most. Even if Western nations had more liberal immigration policies in the 1930s, many German Jews might have chosen not to leave, or been unable to emigrate for other reasons. The same is true of similarly endangered populations today. But the best should not be the enemy of the good. Liberalizing immigration policy in such cases is a great way to save many potential victims of oppression and mass murder, even if it cannot save them all.

You know, when I saw that Somin had written an article encouraging immigration from Syria, I thought it was going to be some sort of libertarian claptrap about immigration and GDP.

A Jew in the BBC recently said that mass immigration into Germany was part of a German plan to help their economy.

But the Jew doesn’t even mention it. It is pure “you goyim are evil… you killed the six million… accept these millions because you did the lampshades.”