Libyan Official Says 40% of Illegal Blacks Have HIV

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2017


Darn it.

I knew there was going to be a problem with importing a billion Africans into Europe.

la VOCE:

The director of the Anti-Illegal Immigration force in Kufra, in the south-east of Libya, Mohammed Ali al Fadhil, has reported that his men have encountered “numerous cases of Aids among the immigrants in the detention centres.”

Speaking to the Libyan information site “al Wasat”, al Fadili explained that “the Red Crescent recently turned over analyses of the blood of the 1050 illegal migrants in Kufra. It emerged that 400 of them had the HIV virus. Many others had hepatitis B. They came mainly from countries with a low level of education and have all been repatriated.”

Besides the healthcare costs, the other big problem is that they rape everyone. Including men.

I’m still not even sure HIV is real, tbh. It seems to have been made up by Jews, homosexuals and homosexual Jews to explain away GRIDS.

I’m sure these monkeys are diseased af tho.

Translation via Diverisity Macht Frei.