Light-Skinned Nagger Kills White Female – Coalburner Attempts to Help Nogger Pet

Daily Stormer
June 19, 2018


That’s the way it goes out there these days, brah.

WPSD Local 6:

The parents of 15-year-old Peyton Hurt are saying goodbye to their little girl Monday. Peyton was pronounced dead on Sunday, according to Kentucky State Police.

She’s been on life support to keep her organs for donation. Amy Hurt said her daughter always wanted to help people, and by donating her organs, she will be saving lives.

Police say she was shot at a party in Ledbetter, Kentucky on Saturday, June 9.

Tyler Jones and Alexis Johnson are charged in connection to the shooting. Jones is charged with first degree assault, but police are seeking to change that to murder. Johnson is charged with hindering apprehension.

Police report from their arrests state the two are engaged to be married.

Peyton Hurt.