Limited Time Offer! Get a FREE Daily Stormer Commenting Account! Act Now! [UPDATE: Closed!]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2019


Okay so it’s been like, two hours, and I’ve gotten an insane number of requests.

So… the 48 hour thing is being temporarily halted. I’ll do another open registration in a few months, depending on how well people integrate. But we can’t be expected to integrate five thousand people at one time, which is what we are currently looking at if I actually leave this open 48 hours.

Anyone who sent an email before right now – 6:03 PM EST – will get an account, anyone who submits after that will not.

I apologize for the false advertising, but I just wasn’t expecting these numbers.

Again, I will open this up again at some point in the not too distant future.

Read this article though because it’s funny – and send money.

Original article follows.

A lot of people email me asking how to register for the comments section and forum. You can’t do that, because there is no way to do that.

Just like there was no way for me to escape when my ex-girlfriend trapped me in Thailand’s jungle female compound.

The comments section/forum has been invite only for like a year, because there’s a bug with registration that some kikes exploited and caused a bunch of problems.

Just like my ex-girlfriend was exploited and caused all those problems when she escaped the harem of 1,000 delights and became the chained beauty of the Nazis’ blood castle.

Then people started sending me emails asking me to create accounts for them and I’m like “look bro, I’ve got shit to do. I don’t even read my email.”

Just like my ex-girlfriend didn’t read the instructions before she signed up for Space Busters and I ended up having to take revenge on Makano.

However, I understand that we have a lot of new readers who want to be able to chat it up with like-minded folks and voice their anger at my offensive opinions, so for the next 48 hours, anyone who emails me can get an account. Because I can do a mass registration thing.

Just like when me and my ex-girlfriend Joy Girl clobbered 1,000 Jap jungle marines.

So, for the next 48 hours, you can send me an email at this address:


And I will give you an account.

48 hours only.

Just like that time my ex-girlfriend tricked me into spending 48 hours as the love captive of Castro’s execution squad harlots.

Please send the request email with the same email address you want to register the account to. You will get an invite to that address. And it might get trapped in your spam box.

Just like my ex-girlfriend trapped me in the sex trap lure of the starlet bombshell.

Please do not send me emails talking about things. I literally just do not have the time.

Just like I didn’t have time to spare when my ex-girlfriend turned out to be a Kremlin agent wearing a pink nightgown and I ended up being the last yank on Singapore with my footloose ladies.

Also, don’t be a retard on the forums. We ban aggressively because of the amount of fed shilling that goes on. So please act normal and don’t start talking about how “someone needs to do something” or “we need to start thinking about serious action NOW” or whatever other sort of vague insinuation of violence. We have an absolute zero tolerance policy for even vague suggestions.

We are under really high scrutiny, and we have to watch out for shills and assume people are shills because there are shills everywhere waiting to pounce.

Just like that time I kissed my ex-girlfriend and it was heaven but then we awakened in crawling hell.

Get the Tor Browser!

When you get your FREE account, you’re going to want to access the comments section with this address:


And to access that address, you’re going to need the Tor Browser.

Download it here.

You also should be accessing the Daily Stormer normally using that. Because you need to get used to it. Because eventually, we’re going to get kicked off the normie web and only be on Tor.

We’ll be completely trapped on the dark web, just like my ex-girlfriend trapped me with the man-starved amazons of diamond cove.

So it’s best to just get in the habit of visiting us there.

This is best for your security also. If you’re using Tor, you don’t ever have to worry about whatever.

Just like I never have to worry about my ex-girlfriend’s latest tricks of the vice dolls who prey on you.

(You can also access Tor using Brave Browser. Though I think right now, Tor Browser is probably easier.)

Orbot is a good Android Tor app, and VPN + TOR is a good iOS one.


This site is 100% reader funded, and for like a year, it’s cost more to run than we take in in donations. That is a serious problem, because eventually, I won’t have money to keep paying this. Basically, we’re running off of a few huge donations that came in a long time ago, and from back when we had a PO Box.

We’re scrounging for money, like that time my ex-girlfriend, the Nude Queen of the Communist Cannibals, was scrounging for a way to escape the vicious virgins of Vietnam.

If you read the site, you should donate. Seriously. Come on.

The average price of a news website subscription is $3.11 a week, and they all have ads. We are the only major news website with no ads and no subscriptions.

You people all read this site every day, and like, a fraction of a fraction of one percent of you has ever given me any money. Have some shame. It’s worse than that day my ex-girlfriend Virginia ran wild and went from lady to tramp and liked it.

We can only accept bitcoin, but it isn’t that hard to figure out bitcoin.

Just like my ex-girlfriend figured out how to escape with the sin slavers of Mexico.

Especially with the Cash App on your phone.

It’s very easy to use and you can buy bitcoin with a credit card or whatever and send it to us. If you want to be more anonymous, you can buy it with the Cash App, then send it to another wallet on your phone – I recommend Mycelium – and then send it to us.

You can also use a Bitcoin ATM. You just scan the QR code and enter the cash.

Or you can meet someone very easily on Local Bitcoins and buy the bitcoin in cash anonymously and send it. You can meet someone and just show them this QR code (which is always in the sidebar):

Give them the cash, and the money will go directly to Daily Stormer.

This is the bitcoin address:


Seriously, guys.

I don’t ask often enough.

We have a serious problem here.

Just like I had a serious problem when my ex-girlfriend joined the wild rampage of the sex-crazed pirate women.

This shit costs money.

Help me help the goyim. 

Just like I helped my ex-girlfriend escape Hell’s Wizard when he was demanding chained nudes.