Lindsey “Soldier Boy” Graham Introducing Bill to END ANCHOR BABIES!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2018

They don’t call him “Soldier Boy” for nothing.

Well, actually they used to call him that because his favorite song was “Soulja Boy” by the rapper “Soulja Boy.”

But now they call him that because he disembowels the Jewish agenda every waking second, like some kind of Jew-killing masturbation machine.

Lindsey is one guy who really saw where the winds were blowing, I’ll tell you that.

He flipped like a pancake at a rodeo.

The cuckolded-ass bitchman Paul “Weasel Lad” Ryan is saying Trump cannot make anchor babyism disappear with an executive order.


The top Republican tells WVLK radio in Kentucky, “Well you obviously cannot do that. You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order.”

Ryan’s comments Tuesday offered a rare challenge to the president — from his own party.

Ryan says Republicans didn’t like when then-President Barack Obama “tried changing immigration laws via executive action. He says “obviously as conservatives we believe in the Constitution.”

Ryan gets one last kick at Trump before he’s out the door.

I imagine he’ll devote the time between the midterms and leaving office (he’s resigned, so he leaves in January) defending the fake Constitutional right of wetback sows to scurry across the border like rats fleeing a sinking ship and pop out rat children in America.

The Mexicans are literally issuing instruction manuals on how to do this.

The fact of reality is that no single sonovabitching bastard can actually claim with a straight face that the Founding Fathers – or the politicians who ratified the 14th Amendment for that matter – intended this to be a free-for-all for invading hordes of wetbacks.

The only creatures low enough to be able to make such a claim are CNN pundits.

And apparently Kellyanne Conway’s husband for some reason – he just wrote an op-ed in WaPo denouncing the plan.

He is also fat, in case you did not know that.

Way to stab us all in the back, Kellyanne, wow.

Get your man in line, haven’t you ever heard of reverse white sharia?

Whatever. This is a high-fiving point for CNN, but it doesn’t matter what some random fat guy thinks. Which is all “George Conway” is.

And he is an insult to the Conway name. Conway Twitty – who is I believe his grandfather – must be rolling in his grave.

Ted Cruz quickly came out in support of Trump’s move.

This is going to be the key to the midterms. It will be a referendum on this particular issue – on whether or not people can sneak into the country (or fly in on a temporary visa, as the chinks do) and displace the native population of this country.

And you know what, people are probably going to riot again if Trump keeps pushing this. He needs to sign the order now. Even if it gets held up in the courts, it doesn’t matter, he just needs to get it out there.

SCOTUS will eventually rule in favor of it anyway (or Soldier Boy will force it through Congress), but the important thing is to get these monkeys and whores rioting as a backdrop to the midterms.

Either way: it’s Wednesday, and no one is discussing fake pipe bombs or dead Jews.