Lions, Tigers and Bears Escape From German Zoo

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018

What right do the Germans have to arrest these cats?

After all, all animals are human beings and have a right to roam the streets of Germany – regardless of the fact that they are likely to kill people.


Two lions, two tigers and a jaguar that escaped their enclosures at a zoo in western Germany have been recaptured.

The animals were found inside the zoo compound in Lünebach after a search involving a drone, officials told German media. Local residents had earlier been told to stay indoors.

A bear also escaped from the privately owned Eifel zoo, but was shot dead, a local official told AFP.

The animals broke out after flooding from a storm damaged their enclosures.

A massive search was then launched involving police, firefighters and veterinarians.

Local authorities did not give further details of the recapture but a spokesperson told AFP news agency that the animals were “in their cages”.

Sounds to me like they were just looking for a better life for their families.

But it doesn’t surprise me that Germany would murder a bear and seek to “capture” these animals seeking refugee from the brutal Syrian civil war which was clearly effecting the zoo.

After all: Germans are Nazis.

They invented oppression.