Little Ben Shapiro Absolutely BTFO’d by Brave Womyn Anti-Semite

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2018


This brown bitch just dropped a bomb on Little Ben on his own Fox News show (which he has now, apparently), shoving in “…and that’s more than we can say for the apartheid state of Israel” into a sentence about Brett Kavanaugh.

For once, the smarmy rat had no quick comeback, resorting instead to just, “oops, not sure where that came from.”

Where did that come from, Ben?

How about the fact that you’re sitting there with your fucking Jew hat on, rubbing it in our faces and we’re not supposed to notice that you’re a Jew?

Like, if I sat with like a giant gold Crucifix or an Islamo-rag on my head, it would be the most natural thing in the world for someone to be like, “okay, this guy is making a statement that he’s proud of belonging to a certain religious group.”

Why does little Ben think it’s ok to be a Jew and even be in America in the first place?

Clearly, his allegiances are to Judaism and to Israel. This woman was just pointing out the obvious that all normal goyim feel.

This bizarre foreigner has no moral leg to stand on from which to lecture Americans on anything when he himself supports a genocidal Apartheid state in the Middle East.

It’s so obvious.

And what’s happened now is that the Jews have empowered all these other minority grievance groups so much that they feel they have the clout to start attacking the Jews. Because they’re drunk on power.

The over-empowerment of brown people – particularly brown women – may have been the worst overplay in the history of Jewish overplays.

Who is stronger: a Jew who claims he’s descended from Holocaust survivors or a woman who claims that she’s a rape victim?

We know these womyn are unassailable paradigms of morality and virtue because the Jew media told us so. 

So what, are they anti-Semites who shouldn’t be listened to anymore? Is that the narrative the Jews will fall back on?

Your move, kikes.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.