Kavanaugh Senate First Vote Goes Through! Collins Says She’ll Vote YEA Tomorrow!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2018


Manchin also said yes.

It’s over.

We won.


The preliminary vote went through.

And guess who just said she’ll vote yea tomorrow?


USA Today:

Republicans look to have enough votes to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after Sen. Susan Collins said she would back him in a speech on the Senate floor Friday. 

The reaction was swift from both sides of the aisle. Protesters were near tears while Republicans rallied around the Maine Republican.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Collins went over all the arguments against Kavanaugh, including his judicial record and the allegations of sexual assault. She explained her thought process and why these arguments did not hold merit in her eyes.

Both Murkowski and Flake would have to vote no to lose this, and either is going to look even worse if the witch Collins votes yea.

It looks like we got this.

Original article follows.

It has been officially announced that the first vote will take place in the Senate today. Final vote tomorrow.

Today is not a huge deal, no one thinks this “cloture vote” won’t go through – the big deal is tomorrow.

The moment of truth comes rapidly.

As I’ve said, we win even if we lose.

We only need two of these four potentially undecideds:

That will give us 50, and Mike Pence can float in on his airship to cast the tie-breaker.

Get ready.

We’ll have a big live thread tomorrow.

This is history happening here, folks.

Here’s Trump’s rally from last night, where a lot of this was discussed.

Also, a bunch of other funny shit was said.

I believe it is all coming together.

The Golden Path must happen as it was envisioned.

Nothing can stop the driving race consciousness, pushing ever forward toward terrible purpose.

Toward the jihad.