Kavanaugh Saga: Murkowski Supports Flake’s Call for FBI Investigation – Quick Vote Now Impossible

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2018


Entire GOP is acquiescing to Flake’s Pause Amendment.

Now comes the deluge.


So the cunt Murkowski just came out and said she supports Flake’s “pause amendment.”

Basically meaning that a vote tomorrow is impossible, even though the committee has officially passed the vote to the Senate.

McConnell isn’t going to call the vote.

So he wants a 5 day FBI investigation, during which there will be 500 new fake rape allegations against Kavanaugh. The President has to order the investigation.

I honestly don’t know what the options are from here. I don’t think anyone does. Chuck Grassley certainly does not.

Our one hope is that Chad Graham leads a militia to seize control of the Senate and simply declares Kavanaugh a SCOTUS Judge.


Okay, so, um.

I guess that’s that.

This is Flake doing a delay to sabotage the whole thing. From what I gathered, he is saying that if Trump doesn’t order a “pause” for a week-long FBI investigation, he will kill the vote in the final vote in the Senate, which he has the ability to do if he can get just one other GOP Senator to go along with him, which he can do.

It’s technically up to Mitch McConnell whether they vote tomorrow or not – they just voted to vote tomorrow (with an unofficial gentleman’s and women’s agreement on a pause amendment), so McConnell has the ability to just call the vote tomorrow in Senate.

If he doesn’t, and they do the pause, that means Kavanaugh cannot be confirmed for this Supreme Court session. Meaning he would miss a bunch of votes, but then presumably be confirmed for the next sessions. I guess.

Trump could force the vote tomorrow, but then apparently, Kavanaugh would lose.

So… I don’t really know.

I’m as confused as Chuck Grassley right now, tbh.


The event is over and all the Senators left but the stream is still going and Jewish reporters are flashing gang signs at each other.

This is unprecedented.


I never thought I would say this, but I’m officially as confused as Chuck Grassley.

Flake is doing some kind of “pause amendment.”

It’s adjourned because of the 2 hour rule and Grassley says “it’s all a gentleman’s and women’s agreement.”

Feinstein doesn’t understand any more than Grassley or I. Grassley apparently understands it best because he’s labeled Flake’s “pause amendment” a “gentleman’s and women’s agreement.”

I don’t have the ability to label what I just watched just now.


We need to put Chad Graham in charge of this committee and the whole process entirely. I want to see Chad Graham have a duel with Jeff Flake.


Flake just did some Flakey shit and said some shit about a week delay for an FBI investigation, but then he voted “yea.”

So it’s over.

I don’t think there’s going to be an FBI investigation.

I think they’ll vote in the Senate tomorrow.

But honestly, I don’t understand what is going on. Flake might be saying he’s not going to vote “yea” tomorrow if he doesn’t get a week investigation.

Grassley is saying he doesn’t understand and that this is unprecedented and he’s asking Flake what to do next and Flake is saying it’s not his decision.


Didn’t update for a minute because I was at the gym making MAD GAINS.

Also, I knew nothing was happening. And nothing will happen. Flake said he’s voting yea, that means it’s over.

This is funny:

Hopefully he’s in the back room raping those bitches from the elevator.

They’d love that shit, I guarantee.

They’d be like “oh, daddy, yes daddy, yes” and he’d be like “CALL ME ‘DOCTOR FLAKEY,’ YOU CUNT.”

Let me let you in on a little secret here, lads: when a woman screams about rape, what she is actually doing is begging to get raped. Whereas the average male fantasy is an aggressive woman being really into them (beta), the average female fantasy is some guy grabbing them by the throat and raping them.

Sorry, but that’s what they’re all thinking about.

All your sweet little Aryan Princesses who you think about buying things for and kissing on the forehead and writing poetry for and defending the honor of just want some stranger to tie them up, beat them and rape them.

If you don’t believe that as an absolute fact, you are a wormlike little faggot.

This is why after Chad Graham completes his conversion therapy, he’s going to be getting more pussy than anyone you’ve ever heard of in your life.


Oh my lols.

Flakey Jeff was literally assaulted by fake “sexual assault” (what is this term?) hoaxers in an elevator, screaming irately about how they “survived” and how any female who accuses any man of doing anything must be believed.

  • “Telling all women that they don’t matter, that they should just stay quiet, because if they tell you what happened to them you are going to ignore them. That’s what you’re telling all of these women. That’s what you’re telling me right now. Look at me when I’m talking to you. You are telling me that my assault doesn’t matter.”
  • “You are allowing someone unwilling to take responsibility for his own actions and unwilling to hold the harm he has done to one woman, actually three women, and not repair it.”

God, these harpies make me so sick.

“I was sexually assaulted” means absolutely nothing other than “I have a vagina so you must do whatever I tell you to do.”

It’s funny, seeing them lose their shit. It is funny.

But shouldn’t someone tell them that if they keep upping the ante with this stupid hoax bullshit, that people are going to want to start gang-raping them and leaving them bleeding in allies?

“If you make it through this one, whore, then you can honestly call yourself a ‘survivor.'”

I’m not going to tell them that.

I’m just here to watch the show.


Flakey Jeff is on-board.

That means we’ve passed today’s round, and we’ve just got the bitches to deal with tomorrow. I do not think they’ll have the nerve, after Flake just bent the knee to the GOD EMPEROR OF MANKIND.



After yesterday’s bizarre circus show, today is the first round of voting on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Judge.

This first round is by the Senate Judiciary Committee. There are 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats. Obviously, all Democrats are voting against, because, without any evidence, they believe the deranged claims of a mentally ill Coca-Cola shill.

The 11 Republicans include the cocksucker Jeff “The Flake” Flake, who did not make it clear yesterday which way he was going to go, but appeared hostile toward the process.

Still, it is unlikely he will kike this up. Kavanaugh is not simply a Trump nominee, he is supported by the entire GOP establishment – because despite the fact that he went Full-Dredd yesterday, he isn’t really that hardcore (though I think he might be a lot more hardcore going forward, after having been kiked this hard by a gaggle of evil Jews).

Tomorrow, if it passes the committee, it goes to a full vote in the Senate, where there is a 51-49 GOP majority, but where there are two women who, like all women, are complete pieces of shit who could fuck the whole thing up. However, there is at least one Democrat who might actually vote yes.

Flake is also being mentioned as on the fence, but if he votes yes today, presumably he will vote yes tomorrow. Though you never know with this sonovabitching rat fuck.

This is going to be an exciting 48 hours, I can tell you that much, lads.

Today’s vote is at 9:30 AM.

We’ll keep you updated.