DC “Unite the Right 2” Rally [EVENT OVER]

Andrew Anglin & Staff
Daily Stormer
August 12, 2018


Gloom Tube:




Agenda-Free TV (he’s reading tweets and finding good clips):


7:30 PM

Okay. Last thing.

This tranny still thinks there is a huge number of Nazis being protected by the police.

There are still protesters at the event, they been boxed in by the cops.

I don’t think anything is going to happen, but it’s lolz.

6:40 PM

It looks like nothing is going to happen.

DC cops are a lot more serious than anywhere else.

They sprayed the antifa, and they dispersed.

This was a weird, weird event.

But hey – nothing horrible happened.

Will write more tomorrow.

6:20 PM

On the Gloom Tube stream, antifa and BLM are still trying to attack the cops. I don’t know why. Presumably because they were worked up into a frenzy by the media that there was going to be an ultra-battle with Nazis and it turned out to be 12 guys with a black MC.

The cops are doing some kind of motorcycle gang shit.

6:00 PM

Antifa is gathering at a separate location to fight the police.

5:52 PM

5:41 PM

Cops are telling people Unite the Right 2 has left and the blacks are shouting back “bullshit” trying to get past the police, who I guess they believe are hiding this bizarro world nazi gang.


I don’t even know

5:38 PM

Will Sommer is mad antifa didn’t get to attack the group of 20 neo-Nazis, at least three of which (12.5%) were not white.

This is the weirdest goddamn thing.

Definitely not what I was expecting.

5:30 PM

Okay so the reports are that Kessler is deciding where he’s going next.

Presumably that means the black MC is deciding, as he appeared to be running the event.

I can’t get over that.

He was flirting with the white girl in the car!

What is this???

5:25 PM

Okay, so the rally is over.

I don’t even know what to say about any of this, tbh.

This black MC thing. I just can’t even.

RT was in the van with them and the black MC was flirting with one of the white girls.

It’s just a bizarro thing.

I am expecting antifa to start attacking police and businesses. And trashcans and so on.

The black MC led all Kessler’s 12 people into a van and they left.

BLM and antifa are roaming the streets, screaming, looking for people to attack.

They just cornered and attacked a cop.

5:07 PM

Kessler and his people just got escorted into a large van by the police. I don’t know if the event was being overrun or what.

It’s all pretty confusing.

The black MC is clearly in charge of Kessler’s crew. Which has me really loling bretty gud.


Here’s this here.

5:00 PM


Antifa threw smoke bombs.

Then attacked Trump supporters (not Kessler’s people) got attacked. Hit with objects, punched, chemicals poured on them.

4:50 PM

The black MC kicked all the media out, I can’t even find a stream now.

4:34 PM

Kessler has a Negro MCing his stage.

This isn’t even a Based Black Guy in a MAGA Hat – he appears to be a professional MC who was hired for the event.

Most of the speakers are colored people.

Timestamped here is a colored man (some kind of latinx, who is BASED in a MAGA hat) handing off to the Negro MC who is clearly running the event.

I don’t know what is going on.

4:09 PM

Kessler is now attacking the Alt-Right, complaining we didn’t support this rally. He says our jokes are not funny.

He might be on Ambien.

4:00 PM

Totally off-topic here, but this Omarosa bitch is going to go to prison for these recordings inside the White House.

Just some good news for the day. There is zero chance she can avoid prosecution for that. Black people are so fucking stupid.

3:58 PM

Antifa visible now.

3:55 PM

“I apologize if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings” -Jason Kessler, 2018

3:44 PM

People – apparently the police, actually (weird) are burning a Confederate flag in a trash can.

Kessler is talking on a couple of these streams. Just talking about how his rights were violated last year. And how he’s not a racist or Nazi.

At least he seems to have lost weight.

3:40 PM

The Ruptly stream (just added above) shows just how massive the counter protest is.

We are talking over 200-1, UTR-Antifa.

3:30 PM

The total count of UTR marches appears to be between 20-25, including two women and a black guy.

There are over 4000 counter-protesters.

Kessler is approaching the White House carrying an American flag.

This is not a good march.

3:25 PM

Arriving at the White House…

3:10 PM

So yeah, it looks like about ten people vs some number of thousands.

They are marching toward Lafayette Park, it is unclear what they will do when they arrive at the park.

The park is already filled with antifa.

So far, several people have tried to break the police line, but there hasn’t been any violence.

One of these bitches on a stream keeps saying a CNN journalist touched her belly.

2:55 PM

The UTR people are marching in – appears to be under a dozen people. Maybe that was just part of it, I don’t know, I expected more than a dozen.

There is one black guy with them.

The police seem to be keeping the peace.

Gloom Tube is best stream right now.

2:41 PM

Kessler is currently giving a press conference.

Doing a pretty good job, for what’s it worth.

Here’s another live stream:

2:30 PM


2:21 PM

Apparently, along with being banned from Uber, Lyte, AirBnB and many restaurants, Kessler and co. are not even allowed to carry American Flags, despite all of the BASED minorities they brought with.

Freedom in America is not afforded to those the left deem as “Nazis.”

2:12 PM

They said it couldn’t happen.

That we would never be united.

But there was one man…

2:05 PM

Check out these dank black guys marching with the Mad Man.


1:58 PM

The absolute Mad Dimension himself is being interviewed on stream now:

1:34 PM

1:28 PM

BREAKING NEWS: Trump is not actually a Nazi, he’s worse than a Nazi:

Is that real or some kind of troll?

Why can’t I tell anymore?

1:21 PM

Jew pornographer Luke Ford is livestreaming:

12:54 PM

Russia (who masterminded the first UTR, sources say) has a stream beginning shortly:

12:38 PM

Will this nigger be banned from Twitter for threatening violence?

12:33 PM

Here’s another stream:

12:20 PM

Hot take:

Antifa is already doing their part in showing the world they are violent, anti-American freaks and lunatics:


We’ll see how it goes.

Right Wing Watch is claiming live updates here:

11:20 AM

This is the only livestream up right now.

It’s showing antifa dancing and singing like faggots.

11:06 AM

As stated by me, this is a Jewish dox-fest.

Jews are also stating this.

This will ruin young guy’s lives, at the very least.

Hopefully it doesn’t result in some violence that leads to a justification of further internet shutdowns.

I am very frustrated this is happening.

10:57 AM

Shutting this whole bitch down.

Fox News:

White supremacists and white nationalists heading to Washington, D.C., for Sunday’s second Unite the Right rally may have trouble finding a way to get there or a place to eat, according to reports.

The rally comes on the one year anniversary of white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, where on Saturday, police blocked off streets and mobilized hundreds of officers downtown as a precaution.

Early Saturday afternoon, a group of 20 Antifa protestors with fists in the air marched through downtown Charlottsville holding a flag saying “Antifascist action.”

Meanwhile, in preparation for the rally near the White House, Uber and Lyft told drivers they have a right to kick a passenger out of car if they are harassed or threatened, The Washington Post reported.

At the same time, the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington sent out a toolkit informing restaurateurs of their legal rights to refuse service to white nationalists and other political fringe groups, The Washingtonian reported.

Nazi: they do not have freedom of movement or freedom to eat in America’s capital.

10:40 AM

Remember to donate to Antifa, goyim.

So the Jews will not delete your social media and ruin your snake oil factory.

10:33 AM


It is so funny that they are attacking the cops that protected them last year.

They should have posters thanking them for the protection they were given last year.

But the cops… they will defend their antifa friends no matter what. They will just eat the abuse and keep on fighting for them.

10:15 AM

Brown people are getting ready to riot.

Let’s just hope that the best case scenario happens, and the far right is merely humiliated.

Let’s hope this isn’t a trap to create another massive scene of violence.

We shall see.

Coming up soon now.

There will be live streams and live updates RIGHT HERE.

Watch this spot. 

9:40 AM

So it’s Charlottesville anniversary day.

And there is going to be a weird shitshow in DC.

It isn’t starting until 2:00, when the supposed protesters will get on a train, then do a march, then whatever. I’m not clear on it.

Anyway, VICE released a documentary Friday mocking the Alt-Right, saying it is destroyed.

It is of course not destroyed. What is destroyed is an absurd protest movement which briefly developed out of the Alt-Right for weird reasons involving a media trap.

Even though the rally is in DC, Charlottesville has declared a state of emergency.

I assume antifa will riot there, as well as in DC, and attack the cops who fought with them against peaceful political activists last year.

Because in order to pretend they are not the allies of the cops, antifa attack them.