LIVE THREAD: Jerusalem Embassy Opening – Dozens of Unarmed Palestinian Protesters Assassinated

Andrew Anglin & Staff
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2018

Today is the big day.

Moving on up.

Will the Palestinians Zerg Rush the border? Will Iran launch missiles from Syria? Will the Jews go buckwild? 

We’ll have updates all day on this strange development.

All times EST.



52  dead and over 2400 injured reported so far, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.


At least 52 people have been killed during clashes today, health officials say. The Palestinian Health Ministry said more than 2,400 had suffered injuries.


Trump tweeted congratulations.

Then he tweeted the whole video of the ceremony, like anyone is going to sit there and watch that.

But I can say this: at least Trump fulfilled his two campaign promises: moving the embassy and ending the Iran deal.

Those are the only campaign promises he made, right?

I can’t seem to recall anything else.

So he’s 2 for 2.


Big winning.

Big, bigly, big time winning this guy.

Two outta two – that’s 100%.


One of the great things about being Jewish is that you can just kill whoever you want and there are literally no consequences.

Washington Post:

Israeli soldiers on Monday killed 41 Palestinians demonstrating along the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip and wounded more than 1,600 in the bloodiest day in the enclave since the 2014 war with Israel, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

Thousands of Palestinians gathered on the edges of Gaza as the U.S. Embassy opened in Jerusalem, fanning out along the fence in what appeared to be some of the largest demonstrations yet.

At a gathering point east of Gaza City, organizers urged demonstrators to burst through the fence, telling them Israeli soldiers were fleeing their positions, even as they were reinforcing them.

At the barrier, young men threw stones and tried to launch kites carrying flames in hopes of burning crops on the other side. Most of the demonstrators, though, were peaceful, protesting the loss of their homes and villages and the embassy move.

I wonder what percentage were actually throwing rocks…

And I wonder how exactly you are supposed to justify assassinating a rock-throwing protester.

I mean, if that were the standard, imagine what the last G-7 would have looked like…


I lol’d


Bibi gave his speech.

The Guardian:

Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just spoken at the opening ceremony.

“What a glorious day. Remember this moment. President Trump: by recognizing history, you have made history,” he said.

Netanyahu spoke about how as a child his neighborhood was exposed to sniper fire from Jordan.

“That was then, this is now! Today the embassy of the most powerful nation on earth, our greatest ally, the United States of America, today its embassy opened here!”

“May the opening of this embassy in this city spread the truth far and wide.”

“God bless the United States of America and god bless Jerusalem – the eternal, undivided capital of Israel.”

Then they had music.

And I’ll betcha that weird, unnerving Jew dancing too.


Kushner gave the opening speech. I had never seen him speak I don’t think. What a timid little deer. Like the satanic Bambi.

President Trump was very clear that his decision and today’s celebration do not reflect a departure from our strong commitment to lasting peace. A peace that overcomes the conflicts of the past in order to give our children a brighter and more boundless future.

As we have seen from the protest of the last month and even today those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution. The United States is prepared to support a peace agreement in every way that we can. We believe that it is possible for both sides to gain more than they give so that all people can live in peace safe from danger, free from fear and able to pursue their dreams.

The United States recognising the sensitivity surrounding Jerusalem, a city that means so much to so many. Jerusalem is a city unique in the history of civilisation. No other place on earth can claim significance to three major religions. Each day Jews pray at the Western Hall. Muslims bow in prayer at Al Asqa mosque, and Christians worship at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. That is why President Trump has called many times, including right now, on all parties to maintain the status quo at Jerusalem’s Holy sites.

And here I find myself just being happy Trump wasn’t at this fucking circus show.

Because that wouldn’t have just been disgusting and humiliating to him. It would have humiliated our entire country.


At least an Al-Jazeera reporter got shot.

The Guardian:

Al-Jazeera said one of its reporters was wounded while covering demonstrations in Gaza.

The Qatar-based news network said journalist Wael Dhadouh was “injured by live ammunition from Israeli forces.”

It did not provide details on Dhadouh’s injury.

Seriously, the worst pieces of shit those guys.

Do you know antifa works for them? Like, this Islamic extremist country with Sharia law, mandatory wife beat, death for homosexuals, the whole bit, funds antifa to go and harass my friends?

I should print that guy’s dox sometime.

And I tell people: if you can’t grasp the concept of Jews promoting things that they don’t believe in simply because they are harmful to an enemy population – just check Al-Jazeera’s antifa section. The concept somehow becomes a whole lot less esoteric.



Sixteen Palestinians dead so far.

The Guardian:

Israeli forces have killed 16 Palestinians and wounded at least 200 in Gaza, health officials said, as troops fired shots at residents rallying against the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem later on Monday.

Tens of thousands turned out at locations across the coastal enclave despite warnings from the Israeli military that Palestinians risked their lives by taking part.

Donald Trump’s ignited six weeks of protests as Gaza residents gathered near the Israel border, with groups throwing stones, burning tyres and vandalising perimeter defences.

To international condemnation, Israeli snipers have killed dozens and wounded more than 1,700 when firing on demonstrators in past rallies, according to Gaza’s ministry of health.

“To the rioters, you are taking part in violent riots that jeopardise your lives,” the army said in leaflets dropped by jets on Monday. “Save yourselves and prioritise building your future.”

Gaza’s Hamas-led government said it would not stop people from attempting to break through the metal fence. Hamas has fought three wars with Israel but says it supports peaceful ideals advocated by civilian leaders of the protest movement.

On Monday, loudspeakers at mosques in Gaza called for people to protest as a general strike was observed. Buses picked up residents in the enclave. Hundreds had already arrived by late morning, and black clouds billowed from piles of burning tyres – which organisers say are used as a smokescreen against Israeli snipers.

Yeah just sit for a minute and try to imagine what would happen if any other country in the world was openly using snipers on unarmed protesters. You can’t imagine it because it simply would not happen.

Any country that did that would be subject not only to sanctions, but presumably to a UN-mandated “humanitarian intervention.”

But that’s Jewish privilege for you.

Much more death to come, no doubt.

They’re probably going to rush all night.

It’s very good optics, both for other Moslems and for European shitlibs.


A Jew soccer team is renaming itself after Trump, following his great gift to their parasitical, evil iron domed gangster base.


An Israeli soccer team is so pleased by President Trump’s decision to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem that it’s decided to “honor” the president by adopting his name.

Beitar Jerusalem, the city’s largest club, will rebrand as “Beitar Trump Jerusalem,” according to an announcement on the team’s official Facebook page Sunday.

“President Trump has shown courage, and true love of the Israeli people and their capital, and these days other countries are following his lead in giving Jerusalem its rightful status,” the club wrote. “The football club Beitar Jerusalem, one of the most prominent symbols of the city, are happy to honor the President for his love and support with a gesture of our own.”

Such warm.

Much fuzzy.



Here’s a livestream of the Gaza border.

Live From the Gaza Border Protests

Live From the Gaza Border Protests: Where 16 Palestinians Now Reported Killed by Israeli Gunfire at BorderLIVE UPDATES:

Gepostet von am Montag, 14. Mai 2018

Zergs are rushing, getting repelled by Terran siege tanks.

Here’s a Jew guide to the Palestinian protests.

And a video of some of the festivities.


The U.S. embassy relocation festivities got off to an early start Monday, with an 8:30 A.M. bagel breakfast celebration by the Israeli office of the Orthodox Union and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

On hand for the bagels and the speeches: Trump White House negotiator Jason Greenblatt, Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett, Opposition Leader MK Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union), Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and former Chief Rabbi Yisrael Lau. Gifts were handed out: U.S. ambassador David Friedman got a mezuzah – presumably for the new embassy, Mnuchin received a Roman coin.

The event went smoothly until the closing singing of the two country’s national anthems – the singer singing the U.S. anthem, stumbled significantly following “O Say Can You See” – despite the fact that the lyrics were projected on the wall next to him. (Allison Kaplan Sommer)

After all we’ve done for these kikes, they can’t even sing our song properly smdh.

They appear to be having a gay old time.


Weird skank Bachmann is… apologizing to Jews.


Former U.S. presidential candidate Michele Bachmann delivered an emotional mea culpa on Sunday for previous statements that caused great offense to the Jewish community.

In an interview with a Christian radio program in November 2015, the former Republican congresswoman for Minnesota – who is a devout Christian – had suggested that mass conversions of Jews be undertaken in order to expedite the second coming of Jesus.

“I apologize, profoundly apologize and ask forgiveness from almighty God for my statements that were said in ignorance and brought pain,” she said Sunday, while accompanying a group of Christian evangelicals to the Knesset.

Bachmann was participating in a special joint Bible study class for Christians and Jews. It was attended primarily by Christian evangelicals and Orthodox Jews – two groups known as key supporters of Israel’s right-wing government and of U.S. President Donald Trump.

I cannot imagine the mind of someone who would make the original statement or the apology statement.

But I’m not a woman. Or an evangelical whackjob.



Satanic lunatic KIKESUCKER John Hagee is also going to be present for this event… which is all beginning to look like some kind of satanic ritual.


Monday’s ceremony marking the relocation of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem will break with tradition in more ways than one.

Besides the political concerns over the move itself, a pair of Christian evangelical leaders will be on hand whose words have caused their own share of controversy.

Pastor John Hagee, the founder of Christians United for Israel, will deliver the benediction at the ceremony, a spokesman for his organization confirmed to CNN. A major proponent of the embassy move, Hagee said in a recent interview with conservative news site Breitbart that he told President Donald Trump he would win “political immortality” for moving the embassy from Tel Aviv.

“I told him that the moment that you do that, I believe that you will step into political immortality,” the news site quoted Hagee as saying. “Because you are having the courage to do what other presidents did not have the courage to do.”

“Political immortality” sounds like some kind of coded satanic message.

Is Madonna going to be there to do some kind of Kabbalistic magic ceremony?

What is this shit?

Why does everything have to be some bizarre Jew-satanist coded ritual these days?


I don’t care that this guy hates Moslems. I care that he loves Jews.

Picking a guy who hates Moslems for this event is… kinda weird though. Having any pastor at all is… weird.


The man picked to lead a prayer at Donald Trump’s much-vaunted opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, is a militant Baptist preacher, known, among other things, for calling Islam’s Prophet Muhammad “a bloodthirsty warlord.”

As if Monday’s relocation of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem needed more controversy, the priest picked to lead a prayer at the unveiling ceremony is Dr. Robert Jeffress, a megachurch Baptist preacher from Dallas and long-time supporter of Donald Trump. Jeffress, who is also a Fox News contributor, announced that he was picked for the occasion in an recent interview with Fox&Friends.

Jeffress has quite the track record of extreme religious intolerance and is known for labeling just about any religion other than his own as heresy. While the pastor has targeted almost every religion, the most scathing of his numerous attacks have taken aim at Islam. Arguing that Islam as a religion is inherently violent, Jeffress said during one TV debate that prophet Muhammad “was nothing but a bloodthirsty warlord who beheaded 600 Jews who would not follow him into battle.”

wtf I love Muhammed now.

I think this lunatic evangelical sadomasochistic hysteria is pretty much going to be dead as soon as the boomers who invented it kick the bucket. And it hasn’t really been very influential since the the post-911 war-drive. Seeing it pop up like this is triggering.

I really, really hate this shit.

Plus, you know – the evangelicals only got on board with Trump AFTER he won the nomination. Before that, these slimeshit crazies supported lipbulb Cruz, the Zodiac Killer.

It was the Alt-Right, paleocons and normal working and middle class people who memed Trump as the candidate, not fringe doomsday cultists.

And yet the fringe doomsday cultists are getting wars and weird Jew shit while we can’t even get the FCC to regulate the internet.


Ivanka is there in Jerusalem as emissary with her Jew husband.

Dad isn’t coming.


US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, have arrived in Israel ahead of the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

The couple – both senior White House advisers – will attend the ceremony. Mr Trump himself will not be there.

His decision to move operations from Tel Aviv angered Palestinians.

The plan was brought forward to coincide with the state of Israel’s 70th anniversary.

Israel regards Jerusalem as its “eternal and undivided” capital, while the Palestinians claim East Jerusalem – occupied by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war – as the capital of a future state.

Mr Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital broke with decades of US neutrality on the issue and put it out of step with most of the international community.

Yeah, we’ve been doing a lot of stepping out… and not in the way I’d have hoped.

We appear to be stepping in… to a kike bear trap.