Local Florida Media Claims Daily Stormer Planning to Kill Jew MILO

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2016

Journalism is pretty much a dead art.

After I called for a Crusade against the Jewish acronym MILO, one of his events was canceled, allegedly due to threats. His boys over at Breitbart sort of suggested that we were behind it.

A local Florida CBS affiliate, however, has come out and just outright lied, saying someone on the Daily Stormer threatened to kill MILO and a student organizer.

Mike Magnoli writes for CBS12:

A controversial journalist who was scheduled to speak at FAU tonight, now will not.

A threatening message forced FAU to cancel his event.

The threat comes from the site, the Daily Stormer.

Someone used photo editing to put a gun to Milo Yiannopoulos’s head.

It’s not something the feds nor FAU are taking lightly.

But comments on The Daily Stormer calling for a holy crusade against Milo and using derogatory Jewish slurs prompted concerns. Somewhere in the comments– a threat was made on the FAU student organizer, who reached out to Milo.

Breitbart news reports the FBI considered the threats to be credible — and advised FAU people might show up and try to create a disruption, or worse, hence the decision from FAU to cancel.

I don’t always read all comments, but I went back and checked – no one threatened an FAU student organizer.

As far as a picture with a gun to MILO’s head – are they talking about this?


Because I’m pretty sure that’s not a “credible threat” that the FBI would feel a need to act on.

What appears to have happened here is that Mike Magnoli saw the article on Breitbart that obliquely intimated that maybe one of us did it (given that there was a closeness in the timeframe), misunderstood and thought they were saying we were definitely responsible for it, then went to my article and saw that Pepe meme and decided that was the cause. Then, because Breitbart reported that a student organizer was threatened, he just assumed that part must have been “somewhere in the comments.”

What’s worse though is that the same site published another article saying that the threat was “called in.” They also said that it was a threat of bombing and bringing guns, which was definitely not in the comments section of this website.

They also did a video report, where they interviewed MILO and kept flashing screenshots from DS.

It seems that CBS12 is a real mess.

Anyway – it goes without saying that you shouldn’t threaten MILO. That just lets him do his SJW “I’m a victim” bit.

What you need to do is go to his shows and confront him with words.

Particularly about his charity scamming and the claim that we are 2-5% of the Alt-Right, while also being the biggest Alt-Right website.

We have to keep our brand here, people. I don’t want to change my movement’s name because we decided it was better to just keep quiet while a conniving Jew stole it and applied it to everyone who thinks feminist extremism and Islam are stupid.

The Alt-Right is White Nationalism. Period. If we are talking about “big tent,” we are talking about differences between White Nationalists and outright Nazis. There is no version of Alt-Right that is about “Western heritage.” It is about race.

If we do lose the Alt-Right brand, it will only be because people in the movement let it happen by refusing to confront MILO.

He is not an “ally” and he isn’t an “enabler.” He is using our name to refer to something that is not us, and these people are adopting it.

By defining the Alt-Right as libertarian conservatism, he is making these cuck figures feel comfortable using it.

Seriously, watch Alex Jones say that the Jewish kikeservative Michael Savage is “the dean of the Alt-Right.”

Half of the videos on Alex Jones’ YouTube channel have Pepe in the thumbnail.

The worst pudgy cuckold of all, Steven Crowder, is now calling himself Alt-Right.

The deal is, these people want to be associated with the thing that Hillary was attacking, as that helps their brand. MILO had written his Breitbart piece in April – and gone unquestioned by every single person in the movement except me, I want you to remember – and so this, in the eyes of the Jew media, gave him authority to speak on it.

We had – and maybe still have – the opportunity to push back and say “no it is definitely a racist movement – we are racists.”

And just to be clear here, because I’m getting emails – MILO is not “bringing people into the movement.” He is relabeling an existing movement using our movement’s name and our symbols. Just go look on his Facebook page – it’s all brown people and Jews saying they’re the real Alt-Right and there’s no place for racism in the Alt-Right.

So, in the very near future, when you say “I’m Alt-Right,” you will be calling yourself a cultural libertarian/Constitutional conservative. We are literally going to have to start calling ourselves something different because the name of our movement has been applied to a different group of people.

Anyway: the good news is, we do appear to be holding down the #altright hashtag. And that matters a lot. Just scanning now, I’m only seeing Jones and a few of his bots trying to usurp the mantle. It’s a lot better than it was a few days ago, actually. Maybe that’s because I got the term “Alt-Right Nazi” in a bunch of headlines?


I’m doing my best to hold down the fort here, people, but I need help.

First thing is to stop sending me emails telling me MILO is helping us.

Second thing, go to one of his upcoming events and confront him.

We need to make a stand.

Hail Victory.