Local Frenchman with Shocking English Skills Comments on Yellow Vest Revolution Movement

Daily Stormer
November 27, 2018

Being a lifelong Parisian and a supporter of this movement, I’ll try to give you as honest and fair a take as possible:


  • It’s, to the core, a boomer’s movement. Pensioners voted for Macron en masse, then he started taxing them, something they didn’t expect. Many of them are really pissed off about this.
  • This movement has a shitload of marxist/socialist talking points: a good number of spokespersons for the “yellow vests” or random protesters interviewed on the teLevyZion give the usual “muh poor people suffer while dem rich fucks get richer”. A line so basic that it even features in a good number of old US rap songs. Sad.
  • There is no clear political angle to this. Protesters ask for Macron’s resignation, but nothing further than that. They don’t mention the EU, or NATO, or Goldman Sachs, or the UN’s plan for more migration from the third world… They are not seasoned political operatives, for most of them, but just your regular normies who got pissed off at some point.


  • It’s the first movement of note I can remember of which has completely bypassed both political parties and trade unions. So, they’re not going to get fucked over by any (((middleman))).
  • Even though they talk a good deal about “muh suffering poors”, they do not seem to be socialists. Very few of them seem to be government employees. They’re just regular working folks who don’t make a lot of money, the working class + the lower middle class. What they’re saying is “we work hard, we don’t want handouts, but stop taxing us like crazies while you decrease taxes on the super rich (Macron just did that some months ago)”.
  • They are almost uniformly white, except in the big cities such as Paris, but even there the brown and blacks are a small minority, proving to normies that black and browns don’t give a shit about this country and don’t want to be part of any French struggle that does not directly benefit their ethnic groups.
  • Many of the clashes between protesters blocking roads and people in cars trying to run them over have been with black and brown enrichers, deepening and widening the racial rift.
  • The only flags carried by protesters are either the French national flag, or regional flags in areas with a strong regional identity (Brittany, Basque country…). No red marxist or black anarchist flags all too common in French protests. Which gives it a very right-wing coloration (yeah, brandishing a French flag in France at anything but a sport’s event is seen as suspicious by most lefties).
  • /ourguys/ are clearly trying to piggyback this. Democratie Participative (the biggest dissident right site in the French language, and the second biggest in the world after The Daily Stormer) is doing 100% full-time coverage of the movement. Hervé Ryssen (see GIF below), a French mix of Kevin Mc Donald and Mike Enoch, was on the streets of Paris fighting cops last Saturday. Alexandre Gabriac, leader of a small nationalist group (with a solid history of street violence) was also spotted among a “yellow vests” roadblock near is hometown of Lyons.

  • Mainstream journalists are literally freaking out about this, as their on the ground reporters get harassed, egged on, yelled at, punched, thrown to the ground, spat on… by protesters of every region and of every political persuasion.
  • Last week, some protesters blocking the road in some rural norther French town found 6 illegal migrants hidden in a truck. They arrested them and handed them over to the cops. The video got viral and at some point you could hear one the protesters say “hey lads, we’ve been more efficient than ICE !”. Guess what is happening now ? Mainstream media outlets (Buzzfeed type of trash) are trying to dox the guys from the video, every single TV host has showed this as if it was a new Crystal Night and, icing on top of the cake, the guys who dared arrest these invaders are now being sued by… ICE itself !!! After a literal communist trade union inside ICE complained to the management about how evil nazi protesters wearing yellow vests dared say they were more efficient than them.

So, all in all, more Pros than Cons.

/ourguys/ should support and help this movement take an overtly right-wing populist turn (typical of boomers, they focus on politicians instead of (((bankers))) and EU bureaucrats).

Drumont is a contributor to the Daily Stormer bbs.

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