LOL: British Embassy Employee Raped and Murdered in Lebanon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2017

Filthy whores need to learn to stay put instead of traveling the world on Infinite Cockquest.

Except they won’t ever learn that. They will just keep making themselves miserable as they gorge themselves on cock, only to find themselves empty and alone. And some of them, of course, will die.


A Lebanese police official says authorities have detained a man suspected in the killing a British woman who worked at the U.K. Embassy in Beirut.

The official says the suspect confessed that he had killed the woman whose body was found early on Saturday.

The official said on Monday that the murder was a “criminal act” and not politically motivated.

Britain’s Foreign Office had confirmed the death of the embassy staffer, who worked for the Department for International Development. British media and friends identified her as Rebecca Dykes.

Earlier, a forensics official said she was strangled with a rope and that authorities were investigating whether she was also sexually assaulted.


Yeah. She signed up to go work in Lebanon because it was her childhood dream to work at an embassy. And this man who raped and killed her just found her randomly.


Sure, white knight.

You go on believing that.

Meanwhile, I’ll just be hear laughing at this dead slut.

OH and look: even if your theory is correct, and she is just an innocent person forced to work at an embassy in Lebanon due to economics or something: this still shows that women need to be OUT of the public realm.