LOL: Brussels Says More Attacks on the Way, People Told “Don’t Give In”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2016

A man whom officials believe may be a suspect in the attack which took place at the Brussels international airport of Zaventem, is seen in this CCTV image made available by Belgian Police on April 7, 2016. REUTERS/CCTV/Belgian Federal Police/Handout via Reuters/Files

We got him, guys. We got the Jamiroquai hat guy. Just a few more bad apples to find, then we’ll have the multicultural paradise the Jews promised us. 

So they caught another one of the bombers, but it doesn’t really matter because there are a bunch more bombers everywhere.


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“No one could have predicted it,” eh?

Fox News:

Belgian authorities said Saturday that they have detained a sixth person suspected of ties to the Brussels bombings, a group that includes the last known fugitive of last year’s Paris attacks and a Swedish fighter with possible links to attacks in both Brussels and Paris.

Filthy Swedish terrorists!

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While authorities continued to conduct raids throughout the country, Jan Jambon, the country’s interior minister, warned that there “are perhaps other cells that are still active on our territory.” Brussels remains under the second-highest terror alert, meaning an attack is considered likely.

But when it does happen, everyone will be shocked.

The arrests could give investigators new insights into the Islamic State group cell believed to have carried out the attacks in both France and Belgium

The announcement of the arrests came as police, including masked officers, descended on Brussels’ Etterbeek neighborhood, sealing part of it off. There was no immediate police comment on their latest raid.

Authorities arrested five men on Friday, including Mohamed Abrini, the last identified suspect at large from the Paris attacks. Belgium’s prosecutor’s office said Saturday that a sixth person had been arrested, but refused to give any further details.

Another one of the six, named only as Osama K. by authorities, was identified by Swedish media as Osama Krayem, who is known to have left the Swedish city of Malmo to fight in Syria.

Belgium’s prosecutor’s office confirmed only that Osama K. was from Sweden. Swedish officials had no immediate comment.

Abrini and Krayem are suspected of participating in the two biggest attacks carried out by the Islamic State group in Europe over the past year, killing 130 people in Paris on Nov. 13 and 32 people in Brussels on March 22.

Investigators are still trying to determine whether Abrini is the “man in the hat” who escaped the Brussels attacks while two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the airport and other attacked the city’s subway. They’ll also be investigating Krayem’s role in the attack: he was filmed by security cameras at a shopping mall where the bags used by the airport bombers were bought. French authorities also suspect Krayem of having links to the Paris attacks.

Meanwhile, the Belgian Foreign Minister has come out and explain to the dumb goyim that the best way to stop terrorism is with “respect for human rights.”


Don’t give in – just stand around and get blown-up.


Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders on Friday called for new EU-wide measures to counter international terrorism, just weeks after attacks shook Brussels.

“At a time when Europe is shaken by terrorist attacks, we need to establish new measures to deal with the threats that our communities face,” Reynders said at a conference in Geneva.

At the same time, the EU authorities should ensure that these anti-terror measures respect the freedom of speech and other rights of the citizens, the minister added.

“Respect for human rights is not only an effective way of combating terrorism, it is also a way to not give in to terrorism and not give them [terrorists] to win,” Reynders said.

What does it even mean?

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I also could care less at this point what cuck nonsense that can’t possibly work they come up with.

Once these attacks are weekly, then daily, maybe the people will finally realize the only way to solve the problem of terrorism is having terrorists in your country.

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