LOL: Egypt Sentences 75 People to Death Who Bullets Missed at Rabaa Massacre

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2018

So after his coup in 2013, General Sisi opened fire on rioters, killing like 1200 people in the span of an afternoon. The opposition said it was 2600 dead. An old fashioned bloodbath. I can’t even think of anything like this in a movie.

It was like “A Better Tomorrow” on steroids.

Somehow there is no good footage of it. I’m not a morbid person generally, but watching an entire crowd of people getting mowed down with machine guns is pretty novel.

They killed a bunch of journalists, everyone.

It was the biggest “hey yo – fuck you guys” event in modern history.

It was funny because the Obama government supported it after they had bombed Gadaffi and destroyed Libya seemingly at random. I mean, you can go into the politics of it, but it is really just better to laugh at the fact that Hillary and Obama said they destroyed Libya for human rights or something but Sisi was a pretty cool guy who doesn’t afraid of anything.

And the Western media was sort of like “meh.”

Anyway, funniest part yet: Sisi just sentenced a bunch of the people who dodged bullets at the massacre to death!

general sisi laughing

But yeah, he’s a Western shill and so on – whatever, I don’t really even know or give a shit – but he’s a funny guy for sure. Good sense of humor.


An Egyptian court sentenced 75 people to death on Saturday, including top figures of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group, for their involvement in a 2013 sit-in, state media reported.

The Cairo Criminal Court referred the sentences to the Grand Mufti — the country’s top theological authority — for his non-binding opinion as is the norm in capital cases. Though non-binding, the formality gives a window of opportunity for a judge to reverse an initial sentence.

The 2013 sit-in, in Rabaa al-Adawiya Square in Cairo, supported former Islamist President Mohammed Morsi who was militarily ousted following mass protests against his divisive one-year rule. Morsi hailed from the Brotherhood.

The sit-in was violently dispersed on Aug. 14, 2013. More than 600 people were killed. Months later, Egypt designated the Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

In 2014, an Egyptian judge sentenced 529 of Morsi’s supporters to death. A retrial was later ordered after several proceedings.

Rights groups have repeatedly criticized such mass sentencings in Egypt and called on authorities to ensure fair trials.

Yeah, the guy who slaughters entire crowds of protesters is gonna give them fair trials. If you ask nicely.


The rights groups don’t talk about this. They harass poor little Daw Suu who never open fired on any of those Rohingya rats, she just death marched them through a swamp.

Oh and of course they attack Assad for… killing ISIS…

My point is: I don’t care about any of this.

It is stupid to pretend to care if random groups of strangers die. No one really does, and if they pretend to, they are pretending to for personal reasons.

I said Trump should have ordered the military to do a Sisi-type slaughter of those pussy hat protesters.

It was vulgar and I wanted to see them gunned down on a large scale by men in body armor with machine guns.

But I mean.

These are the people that want to talk about “evil” like they have some objective way of judging it, based on some humanitarian math equation relating to human suffering and “rights abuses.”

Gadaffi gets this:

Because of… a YouTube video, or something. I don’t even remember. I think they said they had to destroy Libya because of a YouTube video, but seriously, I don’t fucking remember, Google it if you want to know, I don’t care.

But Sisi gets this:

What is the thing here?