“Fastest Woman on Four Wheels” Crashes, Dies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2019

Women shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

The Telegraph:

Racing driver Jessi Combs, considered the “fastest woman on four wheels,” was killed in a car accident trying to break her own record, police said Wednesday.

Combs’s jet car crashed Tuesday in the Alvord Desert where she was pronounced dead at the scene, officers in the northwestern US state of Oregon said in a statement.

Combs, 39, earned her “fastest woman” title in 2013 when she hit 398 miles (641 kilometers) per hour, and police said the fatal crash occurred while “attempting to break” the record.

“Jessi Combs was pronounced deceased at the scene,” the Harney County Sheriff’s Office statement said. “The cause of the crash is unknown at this time and is currently being investigated.”

Combs, who also appeared on various US television shows, previously tried to break her record in October.

According to industry media, she was able to exceed her previous speed to reach 483 miles per hour, but a mechanical problem meant the record couldn’t be officially validated.

Well, at least she achieved her manly goal.

Women should be used to produce children – not speed records.

Her family issued a statement saying they’re creating a foundation to help women follow their dreams:

A celebration of Jessi’s life in being planned and a foundation is being created to continue her efforts to empower women and young girls to follow their dreams.

Somehow, I don’t think these dreams will be “get married and have children.”

They will instead probably be things like “become the fastest woman on four wheels,” a dream that killed their stupid daughter.

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