LOL: Femen Founder Just Did Suicide on Herself – Stupid Bitch!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2018

Feminism hasn’t made women happy.

When one of the most infamous feminist activists in the world commits suicide, we should be asking if feminism is actually making women happy.


Oksana Shachko, one of the founders of the Femen feminist protest movement, has been found dead in her Paris flat, the group said on Monday.

Activists from Femen, known for its bold topless protests, said the 31-year-old Ukrainian had been found on Monday with a suicide note next to her body.

“It is with great regret and deep pain that I must confirm the death of Oksana,” said Inna Shevchenko, one of Femen’s leaders, who also lives in the French capital.

Another Femen founder, Anna Gutsol, wrote on Facebook: “RIP. The most fearless and vulnerable Oksana Shachko has left us.

“We mourn together with her relatives and friends,” she said, adding that the group was awaiting “the official version from the police”.

Shachko was one of four feminist activists who founded Femen in Ukraine in 2008.

Exiled in France since 2013, she had since left the group and was working as an artist.

I wonder what the note said?

Femen was a group of hookers initially that were complaining about the treatment of hookers in the Ukraine. Or something. Anyway, they got Soros funding and ended up this French nude assault squad.

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