LOL: JK Rowling Plagiarized Harry Potter Character, Original Creators Making Their Own Movie

Daily Stormer
July 15, 2017

What goes around, comes around!

In spite of recent theories on the matter, JK Rowling and her Harry Potter series have always been staunch promoters of the most insipid liberal non-sense ideology.

Not so long ago, she even started a crusade against PewDiePie and the Daily Stormer for being evil Nazis or whatever.

As such, the heavens have passed judgement and determined that she required punishment.

Her life’s work is now subject to one of the biggest trolls of all time.

Yes, even better than our own modest troll.


Digital Trends:

Have you heard of Harry Potter Jr.? No, we’re not talking about some obscure piece of fan fiction, we’re talking about the boy who navigates a world full of witches, wizards, and magic to save his family from a nefarious troll who has hidden his essence in someone close to the young hero. You know, the kid played by Noah Hathaway (The NeverEnding Story) in the movie Troll, the one that came out back in 1986, 15 years before Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Of course, you probably have no idea what we’re talking about. That’s because Troll was a forgettable B-movie that never developed even a fraction of the following that the Harry Potter franchise has. Still, there are certainly some striking similarities between the two stories.

So why is this in the news now?

Well, it seems that Filmmakers John Buechler and Peter Davy have signed Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Arquette to star in an animated remake of Troll called Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter Jr. Since that name is worth quite a bit of money to quite a few people, the filmmakers have hired Entertainment Attorney Tom Girardi, hoping to head off any legal issues in advance.


Serves you right, bitch!

This is what you get for getting on Kek’s bad side!

What are you gonna do, prevent these guys from making a sequel to their own movie, whose character you ripped off?

The two men do not plan to sue the current Harry Potter franchise for copyright infringement, though Buechler says that, if it weren’t for “family matters,” he might have brought a lawsuit back when J.K. Rowling’s books first came out.

“We wanted to make sure that we weren’t going to be accused of plagiarism,” Davy told NBC Los Angeles. While Girardi added, “Even if someone who took it for a while makes it more valuable, that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this is ours.”

This is a quality troll, boys. Hmmm… The layers of irony, the fact that the movie is called “Troll”… 2017 is going to be a legendary vintage for memes.

A spokesperson for Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling called Buechler and Davy’s claims “ridiculous” and the studio has released the following statement, “We will vigorously defend our intellectual property rights and challenge any unlawful attempt to capitalize on the extraordinary success of the Harry Potter franchise, as we told the filmmakers years ago.”

Yeah, the only problem is that this isn’t really your intellectual property, is it?

Are you saying you own the “Troll” movie, along with all the characters in it?

Good luck with that.

This is going to cause a clusterfuck of confusion and chaos.

Imagine if this new “Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter Jr.” movie has a right-wing message or is otherwise controversial in it’s content? Millions of kids would still want to watch it, even if their parents try to explain that it’s not “the same” Harry Potter.

Oh, by the will of Kek, may it be so!

Whatever happens, this is going to be really funny.