London: 70 Colorful Youths Spark Violent Brawl in Uxbridge Center

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2018

Look: I know what you’re thinking.

But sit back for a moment: If you were kidnapped from the savannas of Africa, forced to pick cotton in the relentless Mississippi heat, then subjected to a lifetime of Jim Crow like these blacks in England were, wouldn’t you also want to seek revenge on your former slavemasters?

And if you couldn’t find those slavemasters because they died sometime between 1860 and 1910, wouldn’t you choose to seek revenge on their closest relatives instead, such as British people doing their weekly shopping?

Those are rhetorical questions; of course you would.

So think before you judge, people.

The Sun:

Cops have put a town centre on lockdown after chaotic scenes saw 70 youths involved in a mass brawl and “stamping on random people’s heads”.

The disturbing incident took place in Uxbridge, West London, with local businesses having to close as a result.

Local man Jon Blower wrote on Twitter: “100+ children smashing up Uxbridge town centre; stamping on random people’s heads after kicking them to the floor. Shops closed, police present.

“They were all in school uniform. They were overheard on the bus after bragging and watching the films they’d made. Saying it was self defence.

“One young student they pushed off his skateboard and then all stamping on his face. Second was an old man. So sad.”

Police said that no arrests have yet been made.

An eyewitness who asked not to be named said: “I was standing outside Primark having a cigarette and I looked over to where Clarks near the phone box.

“There was just a swarm of them standing in a crowd, then the crowd started shouting and moved towards Clarks’ doors where one girl who looked like she’d been in a fight was pulled out by security, then the fight broke out again.

“Whoever they were after must have ended up in Clarks because they were trying to smash the doors down to get in there.”

Heh, I came close to laughing out loud several times during that article. Calling the blacks “children” almost did it.

But what finally got me was the eyewitness’ description of blacks feverishly trying to break into Clarks – a shoe store.

How quintessentially niggerish.

Blacks chimpout in France and loot shoe stores. Blacks chimpout in the US and loot shoe stores. Now, Britain. And not for the first time.

Maybe these are not “Frenchmen” or “Americans” or “Britons” after all. Maybe these are just Africans in white countries, and will always remain Africans no matter how much education, money and holy water we throw at them.