London: Half-Masked Negro Chases Shoppers Through Supermarket with Axe

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2019

There are only ten white people left in London, and this negro managed to find where they were hiding.

Watch as he tries to kill them ASAP so he can collect his cash reward from the British government!


Police are searching for a half-masked “axeman” who rampaged through a Tesco in south London, chasing terrified customers as they fled the store.

Security footage of the incident, shared more than six thousand times on social media, shows around 10 people running away down a corridor before the suspect bursts through a pair of doors, swinging the “axe”.

After briefly slowing down, the man is seen running after shoppers again, with the footage ending as he raises the weapon above his head and goes offscreen, at which point he is thought to have fled the supermarket.

The seven-second clip, which appears to have been taken from a CCTV recording, was uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday night by Samantha Suki Lowe, who posted it with the caption: “Wtf is going on in this world. Tescos Purley tonight”, followed by a ‘facepalm’ emoji.

While the suspect was originally said to have been wielding an axe, police referred to the weapon as a hammer in a statement, adding that so far there have been no arrests.

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  1. We are to presume then he had a license for the hammer

  2. Hay says:

    Now that’s enrichment goyim, you’re just too much of a nazi to see it.

  3. You don’t need a liocence for walking sticks yet.


    Used correctly that nigger would have had a broken wrist and be lying in a pool of blood.

    Purely for self defence

    Or you could just stay away from diversity hell holes. Also Tesco is jewish (Terry Cohen) don’t give them your money.

  4. That’s a fucking hatchet.

  5. Gillette, the best an axe-wielder can get.

  6. freey says:

    The diversity retards weapon of choice


    This is one of the killers of the British soldier Lee Rigby having just attempted to behead him on a London street.

    Remarkably interchangeable wouldn’t you say.

  7. Police don’t mind if their statements directly contradict what everyone can see on film.

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