London in Lockdown: Mass Slaughter Expected During Vibrant Carnival Celebrations

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2018

Eyyyy mon!! It’s Carnivaaaal!


Extra stop-and-search powers have been granted to police as the Notting Hill Carnival got under way in west London.

Scotland Yard imposed the Section 60 order from 09:00 BST until midnight following “incidents of violence… across the city over the last week”.

Over two days there were five separate shootings while a man was fatally stabbed in Deptford on Saturday night.

One million people are expected at the Carnival over the weekend with Sunday known as family day.

Forget “Cuck Island.” The UK should be called, “Euphemism Island” instead.

Eh, eh?

Alright, fine. Cuck Island is better.

Check out these pictures from the article:

It’s almost like two armies heading to battle.

One wearing colorful coats of arms. The other all in Black. 

Does the BBC understand what association this creates in people’s minds?

I think that they think showing smiling Africans in fancy feathers and then the serious black-clad police right after is supposed to insinuate that the police are bad and there to kill the fun.

But some people might associate one with the other. Blacks in the streets and a vicious police state.

The two-day event is being policed by the highest number of officers in six years with some 13,000 officers deployed.

Knife arches, which are used to detect blades and deter people from carrying them, are also being installed for the first time at “strategic points” across the Carnival.

Pay-up, Whitey!

And it’s not a true and blue street holiday in Europe without bringing in the Freak Mafia.

I like the roller-blades, but that’s about all that I like about this photo.



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