Lord Holohoaxer Pays for 2,000 Syrians to be Flown to Poland

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2015

Lord Weidenfeld was apparently saved by Syrian Arabs, I guess. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the story.
Lord Weidenfeld was apparently saved from gassing by Syrian Arabs, I guess. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the story.

It is so touching to see a British Jew paying back the Syrians who helped keep him from being made into a lampshade by Adolf Hitler by flying thousands of them to Poland.

It warms the heart.

Daily Mail:

A Jewish peer who escaped Nazi-occupied Austria with the help of British Christians is funding the rescue of 2,000 Christians from ISIS-held areas in Syria and Iraq as a way of ‘repaying his debts’.

If you ever hear the term “repaying debts” coming from a Jew, you need to find the nearest exit immediately.

Lord Weidenfeld was a penniless five-year-old when British Quakers and other Christians fed and clothed him, and helped him reach the UK in 1938 – just one year before the Second World War.

Following a hugely successful career in publishing, 95-year-old Lord Weidenfeld remains incredibly grateful for the risks taken by those who helped him, and has decided to plough money into a fund to rescue up to 2,000 persecuted Christians living under the rule of ISIS in the Middle East.

Scores of Christians have already been brutally murdered by the terror group and thousands forced to leave ancient Christian communities in north eastern Syria and western Iraq as the Islamic extremists demand they either convert to Islam, pay an extortionate rate of tax or face execution.

As part of his plan to ‘repay’ his debts to Christians, Lord Weidenfeld launched the Weidenfeld Safe Havens Fund – a project which last week paid for 150 Syrian Christians to be flown to Poland.

Despite the fact that this looks like a punishment of Poland, it isn’t.

He is just helping the Arabs from Syria. Without them, he would be pure lampshade.

While Lord Weidenfeld – who established the hugely successful Weidenfeld and Nicolson publishing business in 1948 – provides the bulk of the funding for the the scheme, several other Jewish philanthropists have donated money to rescue to Christians.

With friends like Jewish philanthropists, who needs enemies like Arab refugees?

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