Los Angeles: Police Chase Ends in Suspect Breakdancing as Officers Point Their Guns at Him

Daily Stormer
March 21, 2019

Crime in America is pretty diverse. When was the last time you heard about suspects dancing at gunpoint?

This is progress.

ABC 7:

A slow-speed chase through the San Fernando Valley ended with the suspect breakdancing as officers held him at gunpoint.

The chase began in Calabasas when California Highway Patrol officers said a reckless driver failed to yield to commands to stop.

The suspect mostly drove at speeds under 60 mph, making no evasive maneuvers to escape the officers but also declining to pull over.

He slowed to about 20 mph on the 118 and then exited on Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

Officers followed closely behind and were finally able to spin out his vehicle with a PIT maneuver in the Pacoima area.

He got out of the car and complied with officers’ orders, but then at one point began breakdancing.

It’s not clear if the officers forced him to perform the dance moves because of their sick desire to humiliate Latinos and other People of Color or if the diverse gentleman decided that dancing at that moment was the right way to express his individuality.

What’s clear is that crime is getting funnier.