Loser McGregor Loses Yet Again, Fight Turns Into Mass Brawl Jihadi-Shitshow [UPDATE]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2018


Khabib the terrorist got the belt and gave a press conference praising Allah.

Real shocker there.

He said Putin called him to congratulate him, which I guess is natural enough – Khabib is a citizen of Russia – but this wasn’t exactly Rocky IV.


The jihadist Khabib is a Dagestani, a member of a Russian ethnic minority group left over from when Russia was an empire. He stressed Conor’s attacks on his religion and spoke in Arabic a lot more than he talked about Russia or Putin (note that Conor McGregor, an Irish Catholic has never started speaking in Latin and thanking Jesus – jus sayin).

The fight was a humiliating defeat not only for the West, but for white people as a whole. Russians were rooting for Conor, even though he’s a piece of shit, because all Russians hate Dagestanis. The crowd of supporters of Khabib were various Moslems.

The shitshow thing afterward is actually good, as it is overshadowing the fact that Conor got beat so horribly, and didn’t even seem to have trained – that this was effectively a sequel to the Maywheather “fight.” Conor had zero intension of winning, and was just there to get his ass kicked collect a paycheck.

He’s already calling for a rematch, so he can get the shit kicked out of him again by a nonwhite for money.

This guy would do gay porn on pay-per-view if Dana White could get him 8 figures for it.

Anyway – Conor acted a lot more like a nigger than the gibberish monkey. His whole bit is retarded and gross, and it is only a sick culture that allowed Conor to act like such a complete nigger and remain a celebrity.

Also, new footage shows Conor throwing the first post-fight punch.

As far as whether or not this was staged – it probably wasn’t explicitly planned, but it seems to have been a general goal of Dana White to cause a shitshow.

After Conor threw that railing through Khabib’s bus a few months ago, the incident was used as promotional material for this fight.

They obviously want this sort of thing to happen, in general. And yes, the next fight will get even more pay-per-view buys because it happened.

Original article follows.

Unsurprisingly, Conor McGregor humiliatingly lost yet another fight to a nonwhite.

Also unsurprisingly, after he tapped out the Islamic jihadist opponent turned the entire arena into an ISIS-style mass-chaos situation.

The Independent:

Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor in the fourth round of their eagerly anticipated lightweight title fight – before vaulting over the Octagon to attack his rival’s corner.

After McGregor tapped out due to a neck crank late in the fourth, Nurmagomedov stepped away from his prone rival and immediately pointed at the Irishman’s corner, shouting and throwing his mouthpiece.

He then jumped over the Octagon and became involved in a physical altercation with Dillon Danis, a Bellator welterweight who trains with McGregor. The pair were eventually separated by police officers.

Meanwhile, three members of Nurmagomedov’s entourage took advantage of the chaos to make their way into the Octagon and attack McGregor. UFC flyweight Zubaira Tukhugov was one of those involved, striking McGregor on the back of the head before he was dragged away.

UFC President Dana White later confirmed that three members of Nurmagomedov’s team had been arrested, although McGregor decided against pressing charges. White added that any UFC fighters involved in the attack would never fight for the promotion again.

White said: “Three of his guys have been arrested, I believe they’re being taken to jail right now.”

“That stuff that shouldn’t happen, Khabib jumped over the cage and went after one of Conor’s guys who I guess was trash talking him.”

Security guards and police officers took several minutes to bring the situation under control, with a dazed McGregor then rushed out of the T-Mobile Arena.

I don’t even know that I believe this is real.

Like, it seems very much like it would be a staged hoax by Dana White to stir-up buzz. It will probably end up being bad for White, but he doesn’t really seem to understand that there is such a thing as a “negative shitshow.”

We know McGregor has nothing against staged hoaxes that humiliate him and the entire white race as long as he is paid well.

Then again, if this wasn’t staged, it would have happened anyway.

The league is run by an Israeli Jew who took over due to White’s incompetence, and sets up fights to humiliate white people.

So who knows.

I wish Pride still existed.

Those were the days.

UFC is a complete joke now. Conor McGregor’s behavior has done to this sport what Colin Kaepernick did to football.

The difference is, I never gave a shit about football.

The fall of McGregor might give rise to some new league without these idiot rules and practices. There is no way White is going to be able to make an Islamic jihadist a cultural icon like he did with McGregor.

This is the beginning of the end. Or rather, the middle of the end.

Here’s the full fight, for those of you who enjoy watching white niggers get the shit beat out of them by Moslem terrorists.

If you’re into that sort of thing, I recommend just watching this clip instead: Joe Rogan getting shit-talked and humiliated by a large mumbling black guy.