Louis Farrakhan Endorses Donald Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2018

Louis Farrakhan has long been the favorite black man of neo-Nazis, because he talks about Jews.

I have never found him to be all that great of a guy. And I’m not a “hate all individual black people under all circumstances” type of racist even. I always just thought he was sort of dumb and not really saying anything, and would sort of get confused as to what his own positions actually are.

Like, if he knows about and understands the Jewish problem, then how does he get caught up in things like supporting Barack Obama? How can he get caught up in believing that Black Lives Matter riots are anything other than Jews using primitive black behavior as a battering ram against white America in a way which only distracts from “legitimate” black problems?

How did he go along with the media claiming that Donald Trump, consistently attacked by every Jew on the planet, was some kind of doom signal for black America?

He would have to just be dumb, and not actually have ever understood the Jewish problem in the first place.

Anyway, in a recent interview he said that Trump actually is good, because he is attacking the enemies of black people by attacking the media, the Justice Department and the FBI. Again, just a really dumb analysis.

Why was Trump ever bad for black people in the first place? What was even the argument? Farrakhan isn’t some MSNBC-tier “all people of color united” black guy, he’s supposed to be the black nationalist, so I don’t think he cared about Trump attacking Mexicans or Moslems.

Trump never even planned to go after black people’s welfare. So I can’t see a single issue that black people would have with him. The average black person hates immigrants more than the average white person, because a higher percentage of blacks are forced to live around immigrants, as well as compete with them on the lowest economic level of society.

Whenever I hear someone on our side saying “oh but I respect Louis Farrakhan” it just sounds like an excuse to be like “oh but I don’t really hate every single black person – look at this one who hates Jews, I like him.”