Loyal Until the End: Boomers are Teaching English to Israeli Teens for Free

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2018

Yes, this book is real.

Having reached the age where the Grim Reaper starts knocking on their door with a big grin on his face, American boomers are looking for one last way to kick their children in the teeth before expiring.

It’s a tough decision, for sure. After you’ve decimated the economy, plundered the land’s natural resources and left the nation on the brink of the bloodiest racial war in existence, there isn’t much left to tick off on the “to do” list.

Hmm… how about teaching English to Israelis? Your generation always worked hand-in-hand with them, after all, and young kikes need to know how to pronounce terms like “anti-Semitism” and “six million” if they intend to keep subverting the West!

Times of Israel:

There’s no reason Hodaya Koskas and Barrett Brickell would know each other.

Koskas, 14, is a high school student from a small city in central Israel who takes ballet classes and hopes to be a dancer. Brickell, 71, is a retired schoolteacher from Ottawa, Canada.

The Israeli teen and the Canadian retiree are participants in Israel Connect, a program where older North American adults tutor Israeli kids in English once a week via video chat. For seniors like Brickell, the program is a relatively easy way to connect with Israel and help kids. For kids like Koskas, the sessions expand their vocabulary, improve their pronunciation and introduce them to North American culture (she now knows how to pronounce “read” in the past tense, for example).

Of all the countries in the world that are begging for native English speakers, these boomers choose Israel. Not Ukraine, or Italy, or Poland or countless other white nations with established online teaching programs.


The same Israel that attacked the USS Liberty, organized 9/11 and invented the Holohoax. That’s the country whose kids should be educated for free (yes, this is voluntary).


The program began in 2011 as a side project of Sarah Gordon, a Canadian with Israeli parents who taught Hebrew in Ottawa. A former classmate of Gordon who taught English in Israel told her about some of her Arab-Israeli students who were struggling to pick up what would be their third language. So Gordon matched them with Canadian seniors she knew who could tutor them from afar.

Since then, Israel Connect has mushroomed. It spread to Toronto and a few areas in the United States, from New Jersey to Baltimore to Florida. It now has 400 volunteer tutors, mostly baby boomers and older, and 500 Israeli high school students from 35 schools. Gordon said baby boomers are a good fit because they wake up early and tend to have free time.

You mean that the boomers’ worshipful attitude toward Israel, acquired from consuming tens of thousands of hours of mainstream media, didn’t influence your decision, Sarah? Because I think it did.

If I were an Israeli teen, I’d want to improve my English with someone my own age, not some out-of-touch old person who believes that Windows Explorer is gone forever when minimized.

Why not get some Generation Z teens to teach these Israelis instead?

Oh yeah, lol.

Volunteers say that aside from the tutoring, they enjoy having direct exposure to life in Israel through young people’s eyes. Beverly Grostern, a volunteer from Ottawa, took her first trip to Israel in decades after a year of tutoring an Israeli girl.

Eugh. This generation really is a lost cause.

I’m reminded of that quote from Based Black Man in The Matrix: “We never free a mind once it reaches a certain age. It’s dangerous, and the mind has trouble letting go.”

It might not be dangerous to inform the average boomer that Jews are imperfect beings, but it is pointless. After decades of single-pointed programming, the mind does seem to become “cemented” in its thinking, leaving little room for alternative viewpoints unless the individual is unusually strong-willed.

This is why the Daily Stormer and other propaganda outlets target the young. Kids are the future, yes, but their minds are also most open to new ideas – particularly if those ideas are rebellious and cool.