Lunatic White Bitch From CNN Goes to Hong Kong to Incite Riots…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2019

China sends us Kathy Zhu to help Donald Trump get elected by stoking anti-black racism.

We sent China Anna Coren to start riots in Hong Kong.

Seriously, watch that video.

This bitch goes absolutely apeshit as she attempts to work up the Chinese into a wild frenzy.

She’s screaming about how the police are attacking people. She’s making this huge scene.

Meanwhile, the people she says are “peaceful” are knocking things over with clubs and spraying a fire extinguisher at the cops.

Of course, the media made absolutely no noise whatsoever when last week Western-backed terrorists in Hong Kong were caught with explosives and guns. Or two weeks before that when rioters were throwing white powder on the cops.

This fake news is so completely fake, it just makes you sick. The nerve of these Jews. Their biggest lies are their lies of omission – the way they just fail to report key details, and show you a portion of something to give you a completely skewed idea.

It’s like this old meme.

Or remember the time that CNN showed that black woman telling people to go riot in white neighborhoods and made it look like she was calling for peace?

How could anyone take these Jews seriously after just even that one incident?

But we’re supposed to believe this hysterical screaming bitch about Hong Kong police going nuts and abusing a bunch of peaceful rioters.

It’s the same thing, over and over and over again with these Jews.

Absolutely everything you see on TV is some kind of staged hoax. And the print media is almost worse.

Did you know that Huffington Post is literally printing fake quotes from me? And that they won’t remove them from the page after I’ve asked them to remove them, both in a private email and publicly? And that they’ve actually continued to print more fake quotes after I’ve asked them to stop? Can you imagine? 

This is how people end up believing the earth is flat or whichever other kook thing. Because you start to realize that they just lie nonstop, then you start questioning everything.

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