Machete Wielding Black Thugs Attack Senior Citizens in Their Own Home

Daily Mail
January 10, 2015

The elderly couple – who wish to remain anonymous – were attacked as they watched television in their home on this litter-free road.

An elderly couple were attacked in their home by a pair of machete-wielding thugs while they watched television.

The 70-year-old pensioner – who wished to remain anonymous – was punched repeatedly in the face and his wife, 69, was also threatened with the large blade.

The raid took place in Birch Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham, on Tuesday evening while they were watching television at about 6.20pm.

When the couple heard the doorbell ring, the husband answered the door and was confronted by two men who forced their way in to the house.

The pensioner tried to push the offenders out the door but was punched by one repeatedly in the face. He was left with a bloody lip and shoulder injury.

When the pensioner opened the door to his house in Chadderton, he was punched repeatedly by the Black offender.

Hearing the disturbance, his wife ran to his aid into the hallway of the £200,000 property.

By this point, the offenders were half-way up the stairs and were seen holding a machete. The thugs demanded to know if the couple had a safe, and threatened them with a blade.

The wife managed to run from the house, screaming for help and both offenders fled in panic, empty-handed.

The thugs demanded to know if the couple had a safe, and threatened them with a blade at their house in this obviously White area.

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